Mausoleum key in Zombie Farm

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Loot 3 rusty fragments. They should randomly appear in looted objects after each invasion. The more you invade, the higher chances to find the fragments.

Use these fragments to get a key.

Now you can store your zombies in the mausoleum, for example to keep your garden zombie from invasions.

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  1. The_new_yorker says:

    So that’s what they do :O only need one more!! :D thanks bud!

  2. Tanya Elder says:

    Have invaded heaps against all four and still only have two rusty fragments how do you get the third piece? Frustrating

  3. Leanne says:

    Ive invaded loads haven’t found any is there a certain level you have to be???
    Quite fraustraded by it :(

  4. Hrothgar says:

    Yeah, after collecting 3 rusty fragments you’ll ‘use’ them in your storage to create the key and then ‘use’ the key to open the mausoleum. I can now store 9 zombies in the mausoleum, increasing the total capacity to 25 zombies. The zombies stored do not grow hungry, but they can be swapped out easily. This allows making a zombie army where all 16 are fully combined. Another strategy could be to use the mausoleum to store 9 garden zombies or zombees and switch them out for crop fertilization in-between invasions. Or build up reserves for future invasions to replace losses, since you can grow and combine them in the spare time allowing for an almost always ready zombie army. You’ll now be able to have a total mixture of 24 combined zombarians and party zombies to choose from for invasions.
    Mausoleum 2 is available after buying the mausoleum and it is supposed to give you 3 extra slots. I do not know if I had already bought mine so the slots available might start at 6 and not 9. Or there may be a glitch and you may not get extra slots for the upgrade. I feel like I upgraded after and didn’t get more storage, but the mausoleum is pretty great either way and worth the brains and work to get the key.

    • max says:

      ur so sad u need to get a life

    • Holly says:

      Thanks for the great info — when searching for info it is always refreshing to find someone with correct spelling and intelligence to obtian the answers you need. Even at the risk of having a 12 year old boy thinking your gay for being smart and well-spoken. We know who will go far!

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks for the information hrothgar! You are very helpful! Ignore the pre-pubescent children practicing their hostility who commented! They obviously have not learned manners yet. :)

    • SusieGray says:

      How do you get them out of there? Like, not switching them out but taking them out…

    • Gramma says:

      Thanks for the info. I just bought the mausoleum and by chance already had 3 rusty fragments. I’ve unlocked the mausoleum so can now protect my garden zombies and finish collecting all the hybrids. The game has just become fun again!

  5. Hrothgar says:

    a correction to my post above, zombies do grow hungry in the mausoleum, but their hunger bar does not update until they roam the farm and the program refreshes the data or whatever.

  6. Red reds says:

    I have been playing for agaise and only 1 fragment .it’s helpful but i don Luke it

  7. Jd says:

    Iv done 20+ invasions and can’t get the third rusty fragment. Is anyone else having the same problem? Or have the solution?

  8. MikeN says:

    Hey, I bought the mausoleum and got 9 slots. I then got the mausoleum 2, but didn’t get 3 more slots like the description said. I did get the xp though. As for me, I managed to get the first 2 rusty fragments relatively quickly, but the third one took awhile to get. Hope this helps!

  9. Jd says:

    Ok cheers. One last question for everyone, I can’t remember who I got the first 2 from. Do the fragments come from anyone randomly or are they from different people (ie one from pirates, one from old McDonald etc)?

    • Sonyta says:

      well i got both of my rusty fragments from old mcdonald, and from reading the other comments, it sounds like you get them randomly…. its pure luck.

  10. Woop woop says:

    How do you know if you receive a rusty fragment??

    • Aaron says:

      Once you win an invasion, it shows you what ‘prize’ you got. It will say a rusty fragment if you got one.(If you skip through this, go to your storage)

  11. MikeN says:

    Jd, I believe I got all 3 rusty fragments from pirates. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the third rusty fragment until after I bought the mausoleum.

  12. Woop woop says:

    Is the rusty fragment labelled as ‘rusty fragment’ or is it hidden in other loot?

  13. Tom says:

    I got all 3 rusty fragments from old McDonall.
    I hadn’t bought the mausoleum before I got my last piece either.

    I think I got my key when I was about level 11, so I guess its just luck.

    To the guy above, its not hidden loot, its shown in your storage.

  14. Woop woop says:

    Thanks Tom

  15. JWD says:

    I know how to guarantee a brain on every invasion after you get a brain on an invasion. It works every time. The thing we’re trying to figure out now is how to get a brain in the first place.

    Ready? Here ya go: After you get a brain on an invasion, change the date by one year. Keep doing that after every invasion and you’ll get a brain every single time. 99 percent of the time you get two things, but you will always get a brain!

    I’m working on how to get the cycle started.

    ps Make sure your zombies are strong enough to beat Old McDonald every time. I suggest you only fight OM because you can’t win brains if you don’t have 8 zombies. ;o)

    • JWD says:

      It works if you go just a month ahead, not a year!! i have so many brains i’ve run out of things to buy!!

      • j.walker says:

        So….how do you change the date? Is it on the iTouch/iPhone/iPad itself?

        Also, who knows what that green leaf on the top of the screen means? (the one next to how many zombies, xp, brains, etc.)
        And…what’s this about a quest? How does that work?

        Thanks to any who can help!

    • Carolina_Brother says:

      It would have been nice for you to warn that setting your calendar ahead would wilt your crops. I had an entire farm full of lima beans that withered on the vine when I did that.

  16. Jd says:

    But won’t this mean when you change the date back it will say you can’t invade for years and you’ll have to change the date everytime you want to invade?

    • JWD says:

      Yes, it does say that you can’t invade for 8 million hours (or whatever); but it let’s you invade regardless. Scared me the first time I saw that too, but it’s meaningless.

      Still haven’t figured out any pattern on how to get the first brain.

    • halin says:

      when i forwarded my time then went back it said i had like 3000 hrs and i clicked on invade and it let me and when i was back to my farm it said the usual time like 1hr 58min !!!!!

  17. Thanks. I’ve had those stupid rusty fragments for ever and now I know why the moseleum is so important

  18. Danny man! says:

    i dont get it what fragments r u talking about???

  19. Coolbeans says:

    I got the Mausoleum 2 aswell and didn’t get the 3+ extra slots. It really makes me mad cause it takes alot to get those brains added up!!! Also the rusty fragments come from the loot you get when you fight in the invasions. When you get 3 fragments you can make a key to unlock the Mausoleum once you buy it.

    I hope an update comes out soon to fix all these bugs!!!

  20. Summerland6 says:

    I found an EASIER way to get brains— if you haven’t purchased anything with actual money yet like brains or gravestones or what ever, restart your zombie farm by deleting the app, when you first invade old mc donnell it will give you a brain with your loot, after you get the brain, DO NOT push done. Push the home button, and you come to all starving zombies with all your loot and gold, as well as free unlimited brains every single 2 hours!!!!!!! You dont have to reset your farm, and you dont have to have not baughten anything, its just the easiest way to get brains. Oh, and never buy decorations, cuz the more invasions you do the more free stuff you get to either keep or sell for free $$$$. Hope this helps, cuz it sure did for me ;) just be careful to always push home after you have recieved the loot but before you click done. Have fun with free brains!!!!!

    • me(me) says:

      if you have purchased gravestones they are free to buy them again from the same account….. same with all apps no matter the ipod… 80% of my paid apps are from my rich friends acc…

    • Teardrop says:

      i am on an ipad and i don’t see any home button… is this only for iphones?

      • Arinia says:

        seriously dude the home button is the little round button on the bottom of the ipod/iphone/ipad which is used to get to ur home page…

    • Frank E. says:

      I had the exact opposite happen. Perhaps because i didn’t, “restart your zombie farm by deleting the app”

      I’m LV 16 fighting layers, and I won an invasion and revived an insta-plow and a brain. I pushed the home button with out pushing done and exited the game. I went back and I don’t have my brain, or insta plow, but the zombies are not hungry at all and the 2 hour timer is at 2 hours.
      The only good part is the zombie I lost in the invasion was still alive. Basically it was saved at the point the battle began, but none of the evens during or after.
      So I got almost all of the downside and none of the benefits. (did you post this “cheat” as a prank to see who’d fall for it?”)

      I did the change the date 1 month thing. My zombies were hungry and the timers was ready and I won – an insta plow, no brains.
      so I did another month. and got bonus gold.

      Any thoughts?

  21. Woop woop says:

    Do you change the time on the app only or on your iPod/iPhone?

    • JWD says:

      You change your time on your iphone. Go to “settings,” then”general,” then “date & time,” then turn “set automatically” to the “off” position. Change the time from there.

      So I figured out how to get brains to start up again. So basically I can get brains anytime I want them (and be able to turn my clock back to the right time when I get tired of resetting the clock, invading, then doing it all over again. It gets old, believe me. But I think I’m addicted to the seeing those little brains come up.

      So once you get your first brain, move the clock ahead one month. I stopped last night at January 5 (doesn’t matter what day you choose), 2018. Went back to regular time to send texts, etc., this morning. I invaded at the correct time (just to see if I would still get a brain), and I did not get a brain.

      Then I switched the time back to February 5 2018 (one month ahead of where I left off), and a brain!!

      Like I said before, I have purchased everything there is to purchase with brains. Not sure why I keep getting brains. Addiction is an interesting thing….hahahaha

      • Tommy says:

        I recent been getting brains just at really early in the morning, like 12 midnight ish, cause thats when i can play, and when i get on, i get brains, maybe it works for just the next day at midnight or something, so far i gotten 5 brains, over a course of 2 weeks, its not always exact but its okay. the brains are from the daily prize.

        also i got my first fragment at lvl 20 vs the lawyers. nothing yet so far, at lvl 21

      • molly. says:

        i can’t get a brain in the first place. i’ve been fast forwarding a month like over and over again and i always end up with like Insta-harvest or insta-plow, or a zombie crossing sign.

      • mattj317 says:

        Awesome cheat!!! Thanks!

        • mattj317 says:

          I haven’t used it for brains yet, but I have been using it as my own little “insta harvest” for potatoes…doubling my $$ instantly!

  22. Ian says:

    I’ve done 30+ invasions and haven’t gotten any rusty fragments!

  23. Needbrain says:

    JWD, can u please clearly explain about getting the brain hack thing?? I’m confused

    • JWD says:

      Sure. It all has to do with what to do after you receive a brain in an invasion.

      After that initial invasion, get out of Zombie Farm and go change your clock on your iphone. Go to “settings,” then ”general,” then “date & time,” then turn “set automatically” to the “off” position. Change your internal clock into fooling Zombie Farm into thinking it’s time for another invasion.

      The trick is to be sure to change your clock one month ahead. So say you start off with today’s date of September 10, 2010 and you receive a brain, next thing you’re going to do is change the clock to October 10, 2010.

      Go back into Zombie Farm and invade again, and you will receive a brain (probably two things but definitely a brain). Usually two treasure chests pop up.

      When you’re finished with that attack, go back and change your clock again this time to November 10, 2010 and then go back in and attack again. You’ll get another brain.

      The beauty of it, as I previously said, when you get tired of doing this, you can change your clock back to the normal time (cause it will mess up your text times, etc. if you don’t). When you’re ready to get more brains, change your clock one month ahead of where you left off; and you can continue to get brains. Just have to remember what the date was when you left off.

      Get it?

  24. Needbrains says:


  25. Sebi says:

    JWD I did the 1 yaer ahead and it works bur when I went back to 2010 then I forward to 2011 and it doesn’t work anymore

    • JWD says:

      Right…it won’t work if you do that (go back to 2010). Go to 2013 (or at least go farther than you were the last time you got a brain) and the brains will start again. But don’t go ahead a year each time (cause you can only go to 2038). Just go to month by month, starting in 2013.

      • JWD says:

        sorry. i reread your post. so you have to go one month further than you were before. you were probably on the same month in 2011, and that’s why you didn’t get one. just go to 2013, to be sure you’re far enough ahead. after that go ahead only by a month each time.

  26. Ian says:

    I still haven’t gotten any fragments!!! Is it just random luck?

  27. PoopSnoot says:

    Ello EberEBody
    This post is helpful to a newbie like me… Thank You for your hints…. Just a question though- I’ve been playing the old-fashioned way (farming potatoes for $ and winning the occasional brain) So, Please, if you know, can you tell me why my farm has been on Level 11 for a week, when previous levels came in 2-3 days???
    I do everything the same as before. The invasions also seem to be repetitive- with me winning and no zombies lost… Any Ideas?

  28. josue says:

    i hacked my itouch so have like 900000 coin and. 200 brains but thats it every thing elsei earned

  29. Woop woop says:


    to advance up levels you need to get heaps of experience points, but the amount you need will increase each time. I’m not sure exactly how much they increase by though!! Hopefully that helps!!

  30. Woop woop says:


    With the invasion thing, that happens to me to, but only on Old Mac. Sometimes you get the perfect order and types of zombies. If you want to delete them you can always use the sell tool!
    Hope that helps!!

  31. martin says:

    ahoj,děkuji za super tip na získání mozku.martin czech republic

  32. D says:

    I’ll try the brains trick

  33. Summerland6 says:

    Does anyone know how to get the last Storage spaces after getting the monster shack??? This would help alot. Thanks.

  34. PoopSnoot says:

    Woop Woop,

    Thank You for your help. Level 12 finally came after a purchase involving brains-which also gives you the XP points- (have 2974). What are the XP points for… my ‘life’ is always 100% and the whole farm is full of decorations. Still, sometimes a zobie is born ‘dead’…err… wilted that is… ;o)

  35. Nick says:

    Wow!!!! It works…..AND if you dont click the ‘Done’ buttton and exit you lose no zombies and it stilll works =D THanks for all the tips guys =)

  36. Luke says:

    Hi everyone just asking has anyone got the 3 positions extra in the mos to work? or do I have to get another 3 positions until it unlocks all 6 or 9 or watever space it goes up to in the mos? Thnx for any help

    • JWD says:

      They work right away. After you push “Mausoleum,” you touch the first slot. Below the slots you’ll see an arrow. Touch the arrow on the side that points towards the new slots. It’ll stick your zombie in there with his name on the front. When you want to get them out, you select the tomb you wanna empty and touch the arrow that points the other way.

  37. Pancakelover123 says:

    umm… ok so i bought the thingy and i have done SEVERAL invasions after that and have yet to get 1 fragment let alone 3 so what gives wheres my fragments?

    • JWD says:

      I got my fragments only after I got my banners. It took a lot (we’re talking 50+ at least) of invasions for me to get the banners. Once I got the banners, I got the fragments within a week. First two came pretty fast. Third one took the longest. From what I’ve read it’s totally random. Some people get them really fast. I think I got mine on the slow side.

  38. Nick says:

    You will get them eventually, it takes patience….

  39. Sebakalis says:

    Aaa… I never know why obtain this fragments… I need one more only!

  40. Luke says:

    Thnx JWD but my mausoleum is full already there is 9 positions taken and no new positions open up (I have filled all 9 positions with zombies) now I want more room but since I’ve brought the 3 extra spaces mausoleum has changed in looks and say mausoleum 2 but still has only 9 positions and they are still taken by my zombies. I’ve checked the whole thing for a button maybe that brings me to the other 3 or something but there is nothing. BTW this is on my IPhone if it makes a difference. Thnx for any help once again.

    • JWD says:

      Hmmm….not sure. My “Mausoleum 2″ is still darkened so I can’t buy it. Or wait a second. Maybe I did buy it? I suppose I did, and I only have 9 spaces too. Are we sure that Mausoleum had 9 spaces to begin with? Just looked it up and you do get 9 spaces with the first mausoleum. Hmmmm…..where are my 3 new spaces?!?! hahaha…. dang. don’t know!

    • Cv says:

      What the hell

  41. Luke says:

    Lol yeah my mausoleum 2 is also darkened out so u did buy one. We both got ripped off 3 brains for that, not fair haha maybe they will fix it next update.

  42. Greta says:

    I got ripped off 3 brains, as well. My mausoleum 2 did not give me 3 extra slots as promised. Not cool! My 6 year old son is disappointed, too! If we all leave comments on ITunes – maybe it will get fixed!?!?

  43. Woop woop says:

    Yeh I only hav 2 rusty fragments (both from pirates) and the last one takes forever to come

  44. Luke says:

    Don’t mean to rub it in but I got all my fragments 1 after the other as soon as I bought my mausoleum I got 1 fragment consecutively in the next 3 fights in a row :) lucky for me I guess and that was fighting the ninjas.

  45. Tyler says:

    I’m level 25 but I’ve only gotten one rusty fragment!!!

  46. Koolman says:

    Can you sell the rusty fragments?? I think I may have sold mine when I started to play early on. Will I get more later after playing more invasions?

  47. ANSWER HERE! says:

    Rusty Fragments are Kind of Rare, 5% Chance of getting a Fragment for every Invasion you Win. Ive gotten 2 From Old McDonells Farm and 1 From Lawyers.
    When i brought the Mausoleum i didnt know how to get the Key, untill someone said that i needed 3 Fragments which i already had, i was reading more comments and people were having trouble getting the Fragments, i got them real Easy but the Brains was hard for me. Just Luck…

    1 Question. I can get Brains on a (Low -> Horrible) Rate but i cant get Brains on a {Good -> Exellent) Rate… Maybe its just LUCK! -_-
    But i find this prety Bull Shit. If u need help or whatever heres my MSN;

  48. Justin says:

    Can u buy them?

  49. Koolman says:

    Can someone help me out please that has a rusty fragment?

    Can you try to sell a rusty fragment and see if it will allow you?

    I think I may have sold mine when I started to play zombie farm.

    Thanks for your help everyone.

  50. Bdawg says:

    Getting the Fragments take time. it took me about 40 battles. so just keep battling!

  51. Alicia says:

    Thanks for the advice JWD. But after the latest zombie farm update, I couldn’t do the brain tricks as u said. Is that because of the update? ):

    • JWD says:

      oh, no!!! i’m having an even bigger problem at the moment. after the last update, i can’t get back into zombie farm at all. kicks me out every time!!!

      • ConorWr says:

        Yeah – it did this to me when I put the time forward a bunch of times – I just turned off the Ipod and left it for a few days, then it was cured! :P And thanks for all the awesome tips! XD

  52. Koolman says:

    200+ invasions but no fragment. :(

  53. Summerland6 says:

    The first mausdoleum had 6 spaces. The 2nd looks cooler and has nine. They fixed the software, cuz mine was jacked up too, but now it works.

  54. Koolman says:

    Can someone try to sell a rusty fragment and see if it will allow you?

    I think I may have sold mine when I started to play zombie farm.

    Thanks for your help everyone.

  55. Summerland6 says:

    Jwd did u try resetting ur Itouch first???

    • JWD says:

      thanks. it’s working again. i’ve kind of lost interest in zombie farm and am back to my favorite again (got an ipad touch so i had to start all over again) which is — plants v. zombies. best game ever!!!!

  56. Dpt8544 says:

    That’s awsome! I’m gettin that

  57. G says:

    I don’t know if this has been brought up yet but I figured out you can get extra xp by Doing this…
    So yer whole farm is unplowed land and you click all the plots as fast as possible so farmer start plowing and then use insta plow and you will get double xp…

  58. angelo says:

    gentilmente qualcuno mi puo dire passaggio x passaggio come si fa ad ottenere cervelli?

  59. smiffla says:

    dudes ive just started and got a shed but how do i use it?

    • me(me) says:

      click on it and click i to view or click on a decoation then i then put in storage to put in storage

  60. KGS says:

    KGS says:
    October 20, 2010 at 4:15 pm
    Hey JWD

    i tried the date changing by one month….went back to my farm and all my crops (except ofcourse for the onions) were wilted…including all my zombies….

    what on earth did I do wrong??? switched back the date to normal…still wilted!!!

    • JWD says:

      the changing of the date thing by a month is only to ensure that you get a brain after each attack. can’t do the date change when you’re planting crops because they will, indeed, wilt. so you have to choose one or the other — getting brains or focusing on crops.

      if you’re doing crops, then just change the date by one day (or however long the crop needs to grow. for all the crops that will yield the best return, though, one day works the best since everything grows in that time and nothing wilts) . lima beans, as you know, are the best bang for the buck. i only planted them when i was building my farm.

      when i do plant crops, i have all flower zombies (all 16 of them so i ensure all crops get fertilized) so i get double the money when i harvest.

      flower zombies are horrible fighters, as we all know. so i never did the brain trick when i was trying to get money. (i only use party zombies to fight — all 16). at a certain point, though, i just rid of most of my plowing area because i didn’t need the money. i ran out of things to buy. plus i had so much $$ from all the attacks i did.

      but, like someone else mentioned, not sure the brain trick works with the new update.

  61. Help..Please says:

    I’ve played for ever and never got a rusty fragment what am i doing wrong?

  62. Alicia says:

    Hey JWD, the brain trick is still not working! Any advice please?

  63. Mizz Lopez says:


    can you try to do the brain trick now after the new update came out and let me know plz? I’m on level 20 & I’ve purchase brains twice…i don’t want to keep buying them so plz HELP! thnx…

  64. me(me) says:

    a way to cheat with crops is plant them, change time and their done plus it works with zombies and invasion times and anything really but i have no rusty fragmants an have done like 40+ invasions using the trick

    • me(me) says:

      i got the three rusty fragments within 7 invasions once i reached lvl 25 and btw the time thing doesn’t work with green hand update :(

  65. me(me) says:

    whats better, flamehead or zombrute?

  66. Nievi says:

    A hint for those who want 12 spaces in the Mausoleum 2:
    There is a cellar.

  67. Jord says:

    my entire ipod restarts when i try and change the date, whats happening?

  68. macdonald smash says:

    have you ever done the time trick with anything else?
    If you haven’t don’t try because it won’t work for me all that happens is that the chance for a brain is decent and i haven’t got one for 30+ battles

    • wicked123 says:

      when you first unlock a new challenge zom vs corporateville, then captain aaarnold, then ninjas) if you stay at the same experience level the chance for brains stays at excellent…for example, if it takes level 10 to access, say, captain aaaarnold, if you stay at level 10 your chances for a brain will stay at excellent…as you go up in experience points and levels your chances for a brain against aaarnold will go down…..

  69. CharlieChoc7 says:

    does anyone know how to get new farmer heads???
    It has been bothering me for ages!

    • ConorWr says:

      On the taskbar which has the little orange arrow on it, at the top there is a little head – click it. :l

  70. soxgirl says:

    Since the last update the time trick will not work, it will not save the game. Is this happenning to everyone?

  71. Jared says:

    If you get the key from the fragments then I will get more fragments! O and I’m using my iPod to writte this cool hu!

  72. wicked123 says:

    12 zombarians…2 party zombies…and 2 zombee’s is the ultimate combination of zombies….and the right order for invasion is 2 party zoms, then 5 zombarians, then the 2 zombee’s then the rest of the zombarians

  73. WyWy7 says:

    Do u have to be a certain lvl to get the fragments? Because i’ve already bought the mausoleum and i can only unvade old macdoneled

  74. ninja stalker says:

    do you get to invade the other farms when you level up ? im and level 14 and still can only invade old mcdonnells farm

    • Dog Freak says:

      yeah. it says what lvl u need to be next to the nmane of whou r invading…that doesn’t make much sense…i’ll explain

      Zombies vs lawyers (+16) – that means you need to be at or more then lvl 16
      Old Mcdonnel
      INVADE -the red button

  75. qwerty_bear says:

    im level 25 and almost everything become avaliable and i have loads of money and brains but i only have 1 bloody key even though i have a mausoleum and its really irritating me because i think ive invaded about 90 times now i know at least 50 because my flower zombie have 50 invasion so please can somebody help me get the other 2 with tips or anything please

  76. ninja stalker says:

    i just got my 2 fragment . i think its just luck of the draw .

  77. Mojo16 says:

    Yeah icant change the time at all, so none of the above tricks are working for me. I need some braiiiins! Help

  78. redwiteblk says:

    dude i think the developers of the app must’ve seen these posts and managed to disable the time trick cuz it’s not working on my iphone now! -___-

    does that mean from now on we’ll get only 1 brain per month?!?!!

    • Tommy says:

      I recent been getting brains just at really early in the morning, like 12 midnight ish, cause thats when i can play, and when i get on, i get brains, maybe it works for just the next day at midnight or something, so far i gotten 5 brains, over a course of 2 weeks, its not always exact but its okay. the brains are from the daily prize.

      also i got my first fragment at lvl 20 vs the lawyers. nothing yet so far, at lvl 21

      just try it out for yourself

  79. Mojo16 says:

    Yeah it won’t work anymore, but is there a reason I don’t have the flytrap plant cause I just bought the mutation but can’t find the plant

  80. Dave Nur Dave says:

    Hey Leute wie kann ich 2 Zombies Combined also Combinieren, ich verstehe das nicht,
    Könntet ihr mir Bitte Helfen ???

    • Yetisaurus says:

      I apologize for responding in English, but my German is HORRIBLE. You’ve probably figured this out by now, but in order to combine zombies you need the flower pot. Go into the market, go under “Items” and then “Functional,” and you’ll see the Zombie Pot. It unlocks after you reach a certain level. Maybe level 25, I can’t remember.

      After you have the Zombie Pot, click on it, then choose two zombies wandering around your farm to combine them.

      Good luck!

  81. Dave Nur Dave says:

    Hey people like me may be 2 zombies Combi Combined kidney so I do not understand,
    Could you please help me?

  82. Joe463 says:

    I have got 3 rusty fragments from invasions. However, the game was forcibly logout when I combined 3 rusty fragments together in my store.
    help me, please?

  83. ZombieFarmer101 says:

    i’ve got 1 rusty fragment is there a way to increase the drop rate?

  84. Bobina says:

    I don’t know how to beat the Old McDonald level… I want to fight lawyers and pirates? What do I have to do to get to that stage.

  85. jace says:

    max you have no life for commenting that he has no life lol…

  86. Lawrence says:

    I got 3 rusty fragment, but cannot change it to the key for mausoleum, how to do ???

  87. Moh says:

    The best combo is 9 zombarians 1 party zombie 1 zombie locks and 5 zombie flowers..haven’t lost a single zombie against pirates or ninjas because the flower zombies bring back zombies if they are “killed”

    Lawrence just press use after clicking on the fragments

    I’m on lvl 26 and it seems gettig brains and fragments is down to luck..I got 4 brains in one day one from daily and others from invasion and then today non (after 10-15 invasions) even though fighting ninjas says excellent chance

    • The random person says:

      Should i waist my only brain to get a flower zombie? Is it worth it? I want mausoleum! Never got ONE rusty fragement…… Only lvl 7 :(

  88. COOL! says:

    How do you get all the rusty fragments?

  89. sharkai says:

    Does anybody know how i use a haystack?

  90. COOL! says:

    You just put in your garden sharkai.

  91. Sam says:

    To get brains go to the market and hit other. The 1st thing that will pop up is 1 brain for 1 buck but there is also a brain fragment thing that if u get 100 fragments u get a brain and most of the stuff is free so u get free brains :)

  92. Conger says:

    I’m level 16 and have not found one single one but my brother is level 10 and has already found one. And every time i invade i only get gold no brains and no fragments

  93. kia says:

    im at level 12 i got 2 brains i cant get that waaaaaaaaa

  94. Sammi knows best :) says:

    Thank you Person who answerd this question :) I only need 1 more

  95. dude says:

    I’m on level 14, and I have gotten all Rusty Fragments and combined them into a key. I was saving up my brains for a red gravestone once I hit level 15, but should I get the mausoleum? Is it really worth 4 brains? And I hear the upgrades are 3 brains each, which are better than the original mausoleum.

  96. dude says:

    Hey, I just realized! If you didn’t buy the Mausoleum, maybe your chances of getting Rusty Fragments are better, because once you have the Rusty Fragments, you will be tempted into doing In-App-Purchases and getting brains to buy the Mausoleum. I’m still not sure about this, but who knows? Anyways, I just got the Mausoleum, and yes, it is really useful. Definitely recommend it to everybody, but only if you have a few extra brains. I would still say don’t buy the Mausoleum until you have all Rusty Fragments. The first upgrade to the Mausoleum lets you store 12 zombies total, and costs 3 brains. Plus, it gives 300 XP, and 16 life force. It’s called Mausoleum 2.

  97. Mike Domino says:

    Hey guys this might be old but I found out a cheaters way to get the rusty key:D but the iPod must be jailbroken.. iFile and find the zombie
    2. Find market.plist and open it with property list viewer
    3. Click the magnifying glass and type rusty key.
    4. Click edit and delete the thing that says do not show in market
    5. Then add the cost
    and under that add ‘whatever number u want’
    6. Save it exit iFile and respring
    7. Open Zombie Farm go to the farm where the Others are and the Boosts. The key should be there.

  98. Dog Freak says:

    I know how to get brains and you don’t need to do any resetting AT ALL (i’m only on lvl 11 and it works with old mcdonnell…i don’t know if it’ll work with other ppl) . First make sure ALL your zombies are starving, then when you invade don’t lose any zombies. You will be able to get a brain if u don’t lose any zombies. ps use headless zombies when you attack old mcdonnell so thet you won’t lose any zombies because he can’t hit the one zombie cuz their all the same height

    and i’ve had the mausoluem for like 2 levels, and i still haven’t gotten a rusty fragment….i really need help!

  99. Dog Freak says:

    the best thing to do is when you go to bed, do all your planting then cuz when you wake up in the morning, everything will be ready

  100. Erica Carlson says:

    I’m level 21, again. [the game froze up on me and I had to restart] yet I still have no fragments, It’s really starting to tick me off haha.

  101. Lyssette says:

    I’m only in level 10 & every time I play the game & invade I get a bran nomatter what I don’t have 2 do anything 2 my Itouch or anything I just get a brain ALL the time but I never get a rusty fragment I just get stupid christmas boxes

  102. Japzack says:

    Damn I’ve done 44 invasions and not got any rusty fragment, I’m also level 21. I must just be unlucky.

  103. I’ve did10 invasions but I haven’t got 1 fragment…………………..verry maaddd

  104. Adrian says:

    pure luck / randomness. i didn’t get any till recently but got all 3 from pirates within about 10-15 invasions

    i saw a tip in this thread about storing them in the mausoleum then bringing them out after battle etc… might work fine early on BUT once you get the flower upgrade off of the pirates DO NOT DO THIS bring at least 2 flower zombies into every battle, they resurect and it’s awesome. for like every 10-20 zombies i see die in battle i only lose 1 and even that’s rare. resurrect from flower zombies is just too cool
    personally i send 2 headless then 1 flower then 1 headless then 3 brutes and minis at the same time (using mini buddy skill) then a second flower zomb. haven’t worked out my perfect end game strategy or even if it matters but the only (very rare) times that i lose zombs are when the pirate master 1 hits 1 of my guys just before he dies (therefore not enough time to resurrect) HOWEVER even when this happens it’s always a headless zombie so yeah i just got the mausoleum open today and will be storing spare headless zombs in there

    don’t connect to facebook %99 of the time. i used to lose my rewards (1 brain lost, 2 fragments lost and countless regrowth and insta… boosts) about 1 in 5 games but now i don’t. the %1 is the 1st time i connect for the day or if i happen to be on at a few mins to midnight. Connect to FB, get ur reward, go back to main menu and disconnect.
    RESET: ok this only happend to me once but i wasn’t connected to FB.
    can’t be sure on this but from my 1 experience i deleted the app (clicking on the “Keep” option when it asks about leaderborards or whatever) reinstalled it not connecting to FB and still had lvl 1 no gold etc. Did it again but this time connected back to FB and luckily all of my stuff was back.

    i noticed thru the common time bug (my and millions of others ipods have a tendancy to randomly change the time and date – nothing to do with ZF) that when it does this i get a msg about not being able to save OR close the app. often this loses a bunch of effort in the game (i now save thru the main menu at least 20 times per day thanks to this crap). HOWEVER i noticed that this didn’t happen this morning, i noticed that my internet was down so i didn’t get server error ;)

    I DON’T LIKE to cheat at games but it’s nice to know that i have it to fall back on if i ever lose my whole farm and am not able to get it back like i did 2 days ago (mentioned above)
    Hell it’s too much stress so I’m hoping they will either a) fix the bug or b) I’ll get bored of this game. Way too much hasstle to just lose everything, some guy wrote he got to lvl 40 TWICE and just had to start at lvl beginning a third time because of this bug. That WON’T be me. I DON’T LIKE to cheat but am not above it – I WILL cheat if cheated 1st

    you are = you’re not your.
    please revisit basic primary school English before insulting people or YOU’RE just going to look like a moron (and an asshole but YOU’RE already a lost cause there)

    AT MAX
    take a look in the mirror, you navigated to the exact same page as the guy that you tried to insult, read the same stuff as him and clicked to post just like him.
    only difference was right at the end where he chose to type helpful things but you acted like an ass. Just because your life is shit no need to act like an asshole behind the safety of your computer screen (pussy as well as an asshole HAHAHAHA)

  105. Kaokan says:

    @Jwd. About the guarantee brains that’s a stupid idea and to everyone the easiest way to get brains is to buy them… Noobs it’s only a dollar…. Lol just buy them!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Lyssette says:

    I ain’t gonna waist my money on buying them ur stupid

  107. sexy mutherfucker says:

    man u guys are so, so helpful i wouldnt have known how to do it without you…

  108. Robbydec says:

    No one seemed to mention mutations, I am level 12 and go for cross mutations, I have been getting potato/celery mutations. I will plant a zombie and put crops all around. Celery, potato, turnip, and coffee around the zombie. My potato/celery mutations are very tough and do well in battle. I feel the mutations are overlooked. You just have to harvest the zombie 1st. Celery grows fast so I leave a slot open and plant it just before my zombie is done growing.

  109. Frustrate! says:

    Lvl 27 and have NOT GOT ANY!!!

  110. Aldrin says:

    Zombies vs. Pirates Guide:

    I’ve been playing Zombie Farm for a month now and I think no other enemy will give you such a hard time as much as these guys do. They are a real pain for most players since they are very strong. So here is a guide that might help you.

    Important!: You can invade even if your zombies’ hunger bar is not full, thus if you invade efficiently you can invade every two (2) hours, this guide is patterned on an invasion made with 1/4-full hunger bar.

    Also, I never used any kind of cheat for this game or spent a dollar just to purchase a brain, you can easily earn brains by invading every two hours, or twelve (12) times a day. If you’re very lucky you can get as much as 2 brains per invasion. There is no other legitimate way but to invade every single chance you have.

    Farm Stats:
    Level 22
    Blue Grave
    Red Grave (required)
    Mutant Monolith (not required but very helpful)
    Mausoleum Level 1 (not required but helpful)

    Zombie stats and number:
    Four (4) Flameheads (FH): (Recommended Mutation: Flytrap, Lima Bean, Celery)
    Four (4) ZomBrutes (ZB): (RM: Garlic, Celery, Lima, Flytrap, Broco/Cauli)
    Four (4) ZomGoblins (ZG): (RM: same as ZomBrute)
    Four (4) Flower Zombies (FZ): (RM: none; do whatever you like)

    Order during invasion: 2(ZB),1(FH),2(FZ),1(FH),2(FZ),1(FH),1(ZB),1(FH),1(ZB),4(ZG)

    First, it is important to keep your level low in order to maximize your chance of getting a brain. Remember, at level 21 your chance was Excellent, but at level 22 it’s Good, you need the flytrap mutation for this invasion so that explains why your level has to be 22. Now, you need to supply your ZomBrutes with ZomGoblins, ZB’s ability “Mini Buddy” will make your ZBs dash towards your enemy thus coping up with speed that it lacks, plus this will temporarily stun your enemy, just always remember that you need to use it before sending your ZB off to battle (you will see your ZG hop at the back of your ZB).
    Sending off two Zombrutes at the start of the invasion is necessary to supply your team with enough attack power, your Zombrute will die after receiving 3 attacks from a fat pirate guy, therefore you must be able to send your Flamehead before this happens, most of the time your Zombrute will die, but don’t worry your 4th Zombie which is a Flower Zombie will revive it for you. This is the first tricky part, you are only allowed to lose 1 Zombie before your Flower Zombies arrive, so keep on tapping on your Zombies and don’t forget to use “Bash”.

    Important: Do not use ZomGoblin’s ability “Explosion”, once your ZomGomblin explodes it will die and your Flower Zombies have to revive it, you do not want for your precious Resurrect ability to be used this way. The sole purpose of your ZomGoblin is for ZomBrute’s Mini Buddy period!

    Keep on sending your Zombies until you arrive at your last one, here you will be left with a ZomBrute and a ZomGoblin for it to carry. If Arrrrnold is already whacking your zombies off at the front-line then wait until Arnold raises his hand, before sending off your last pair. If you have done this correctly it will nullify Arnold’s attack and saving your Zombies. However, if so happens that you arrive at your last pair first, just wait for Arnold to come, then nullify his attack using this same method.

    About 2-3 Zombies will still die at the hands (hooks) of Arnold, but your Flower Zombies will revive them though, even if the invasion is over and you still got dead Zombies, it will not appear on the invasion summary as long as you keep the number of casualties equal to the number of Flower Zombies you have (don’t forget the ZomBrute that died earlier).

    IF done correctly, you will be able to defeat the Pirates every two hours without losing any Zombies, I have done this myself I have invaded Arnold for 76 times (as of posting time) and counting.

    The Mausoleum will serve as your back-up mechanism if ever mistakes are made :)
    Happy Playing!

  111. crazy says:

    I am level 35, made hundreds of invasion and have no one rusty fragment – is it normal?

  112. The random person says:

    What are rusty fragments? Im only lvl 7 so…..

  113. Aldrin says:

    Just like what Adrian said Rusty Fragment’s drop rate is completely random

    There’s something wrong about the Mausoleum on the latest update, your Zombies’ Hunger Meter seems to reset when you place it inside the Mausoleum.

  114. georgia says:

    there is another cheat on your ipod or ipad or iphone all you have to do is set the date a day foward and you get a prize like 50g or a brain or a zombie and say if you have to wait an hour to invade or wait for a crop to grow the just put it foward a day :)

  115. SteveO says:

    My game is stuck and cant get it unstuck

  116. hatsjer says:

    thx a lot. this helped me! =]

  117. Dest says:

    It won’t let me invade the enemy and its pissing me off. It tells me to pick the order I want my zombies to go in then it loads the level then kicks me off! WTF? Is that happening to just me or has it happened to anyone else?

    • nordgry says:

      This is happening to me too! I have tried about 10 times over the last 3 days and it still kicks me out. Can anyone help??

  118. Kaylynn says:

    I’ve gotten booted too …..after picking army order. I usually have to shut down iPod and turn back on and when I do I have to wait til the “invade” meter returns to zero again :(

  119. DuCK1e says:

    Out of the last 30 invasions, I got 12 brains but no rusty fragments. Why?

  120. Yars says:

    I’m level 21 and I still have only 1 fragment to the mausoleum. Does anyone know how I can get the rest???? Plz

  121. Wyatt says:

    hey guys,
    I am having mass problems even beating farmers in invasions now, as i leveled up to level 20 just planting carrots at an often rate for a few days.. (bad idea) and now i can’t get brains, and i don’t have either blue tombstone nor red tombstone. i have all 5 best mutations and STILL don’t win. some people should add me on game center and gift me so that i might get some brains!! thanks!

    add the name $W-MONEY$

  122. bhjk says:

    your all nubs “hack it” for cash it gose off yur time so…

    1 plant whatever

    2 save game

    3 change time and walla your plants r grown

    • kid says:

      u r smart bt still get a life

      how do you get the thingys to get the key


    • Wyatt says:

      everyone knows this trick.. and its fairly pointless to do when your problem is that you are too high a level.. money and experience are too easy to get. tell me how to get brains and then reading your post would be worth while.

  123. please help! ;c says:

    i just got a cupid zombie by doi that time chaging thngand he is all ican say is AMAZING

  124. please help! ;c says:

    i just got a rusty fragment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so so so so so so so so so so HAPPY !

  125. Kayos_ says:

    Question: What’s the easyiest way to level up? It takes ages trying to plow, and plant, and waiting 2hrs to invade is just annoying. Also, gold.. i an’t seem to get enough of it, any particular plant that’s the best for making gold?

  126. QED says:

    my mausoleum 3 has 15 zombie slots… tried all of them & all worked…
    oh and PS dont care about the key is lost… message when you have unlocked mausoleum 1… just spam mausoleums I got 2 armies! wohoo!

  127. Bubba says:

    Help!!!! When i versed old mcdonald the time ran out and i couldnt kill him wats hsppening?????

  128. hammy says:

    ei ei owned hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahaha pwned

  129. deejaaa says:

    on level 30.

  130. Sammich says:

    Thank you! :)

  131. Zf usa says:

    What are the rusty fragment

    Is it like a light post of wateva
    Or dose it say ‘rusty fragment’

    Plz tell me or i just wasted 4 brains

  132. Zf usa says:

    Plz help

  133. Mikeey says:

    hello i was fooling around with my ipod and i noticed if u want to be a little cheater you can actually change the time and date on ur ipod to make crops grow faster and u can even invade every time u change the day. IMPORTANT dont change it ahead of the actual date ex. January 21 to January 28 this will lead in having to wait a whole lot of days before u can invade, this helped me with my fragment Adventure, and if u connect to facebook and u have friends who play “Zombie farm” it will give u extra Coins i get 1000 a day and normally a brain every 3rd i also get this zombie called a Amazombie and there amazing i hope this helps with getting the Fragments faster

  134. maria says:

    I was wondering…. I have a sneaking suspicion that I got a rusty fragment in my early days of playing and sold it without knowing what it was :s I have two fragments now but was wondering if anyone knew whether or not I would get another one at some point or if they only let you get 3?

    Also …. what’s with the overkill on the haystacks/scarecrows? will I be stupid if I sell them all?

  135. Geezer says:

    I’m level 14, with the Mausoleum 2, but I have no Rusty Fragments – How do I get them! Please help!

  136. poop says:

    umm… theres a new bug i can tell U what it is u go to the time and setting and just wait the hours there lollllllllll lollollollollollol
    if u like this comment idk just say so =)

  137. Brandy says:

    I’m glad I Googled! Now I know how to get the Mausoleum key. Apparently I already have the 3 fragments. That was easy. :)

  138. mosselle Cruz says:

    You can easily invade immediately by changing your time and date in settings :) works for crops, too!

  139. Xxangrycow says:

    If I have a fragment an I sell it, can I earn it bac? PleAse help

  140. Xxangrycow says:

    I remember sellin one when I first got the game eithout knowing the value of it. Btw I’m lvl 20.and I own a mausoleum

  141. Xxangrycow says:

    If that’s useful

  142. This is extremely stupid! i am level 14 and I have not found and or received a rusty fragment! Any help??

  143. Xxangrycow says:

    Anoyiedperson- I didn’t get my fragments til at least level 18- I think it’s just luck unfortunatley. Have u tried buying mausoleum yet?

  144. Xxangrycow says:

    Can I earn my fragments back if I sold them? Anyone?

  145. Xxangrycow says:


  146. Xxangrycow says:

    Please anyone?!?!?!!?!? !?!!?!?!!!!?!!?! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!@!@!¡!!¡’n¿?¿?¿?¿?¿8.«’ll ¥¥₩€§§;„.;/•—•

  147. Deraco says:

    I am lvl 19 and i’ve got the three parts already, now i only have to buy the mausoleum, but i am short 1 brain…

  148. Xxangrycow says:

    Can anyone answer my question?

  149. Me says:

    I have been stuck on the stupid easter level forever and can’t seem to get past it, how do I get to the next thing? Also, I have bought my mausoleum already but have never seen a rusty fragment!?

  150. randum guy says:

    i got my 1st fragment, then i used my cupid zombie for the other 2

  151. sjdfn says:

    glitch : change date to mothers day, make sure to have 10 brains.go to “boosts” in the shop Buy the card thing and it goes to ur storage. Open ur boosts in storage, the card is there, then use it and u get a cupid zombie.
    ( to get 10 brains change date and time (past, if u do future then ur zombies starve to death) and keep invading or just buy brains)

  152. sjdfn says:

    and the cupid zombie is very strong!

  153. Xxangrycow says:


  154. Xxangrycow says:

    I need help¡`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿¿¿¿

  155. Xxangrycow says:

    I’ll answer your question if u answer mine!!!!!!

  156. hehe says:

    i guess i had it easy.. i did very less farming and lots of attacking.. (with no bug)

    and after 40 attacks by level 8 i got 3 rusty keys and 4 brains..

    The huge mistake i made was when i bought the blue tombstone i jumped like 2 levels.. damn there goes the early brain looting.

  157. Me says:

    Angrycow, maybe if you know the date before of when you sold it, you can set the date back and it mIght still be there.

  158. superfly says:

    you know its really easy to play this game if you just keep setting the time forward in the setting of your ipod. If you ever want to go back to the normal time again just make sure everything has been harvested before you do. Simple as…lateral thinking winning

  159. Xxangrycow says:

    Thanks… unfortunately I dont no when I sold them. ;( I have 1 fragment and I’m not selling it

  160. Xxangrycow says:

    Now I have two

  161. Amanda says:

    I’m at level 20 and only have one of three rusty fragments… I’ve tried selling all my zombies and invading old macdonnel with original green zombies for a week and never got anything more than silly stuff as loot. How do I get my rusty fragments???

  162. emilyWOW says:

    oh OK i only need 1 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :-)

  163. Anonymous says:

    Sorry that this question is completely off topic but, how frequently does the chance of getting a brain for an invasion go down? and where do you see the chance of getting a brain?


  164. Thomas says:

    Thank you

  165. Charlie says:

    I think to get fragnets you need the maulosiom. Might be

  166. jeff says:

    Thanks !

  167. John po says:

    u need to keep invading old macdonald

  168. Travis p says:

    Does any body got the newest update that came out on July 28 if u do I need neighbors my username is Travis p

  169. Travis p says:

    The other day I got the best looting ever I brain and a rusty fragment

  170. kampkiller says:

    i need help im only on lv 13 need help dont no what to do???

  171. ZomBKilla says:

    Ok here’s a great cheat for cross mutations:

    A. Go to settings and change the time ahead as many years as you want

    B. Go to your farm and plant your mutation plants WITHOUT the zombies.

    C. Go to regular time and plant your zombie

    D. The plants you planted in the future will not grow until that year (mine was 2038)

    Note: very useful when using in coordination with fast crops, like carrots at the lower levels as they wither before most zombies can grow

    Hope it helps!

  172. vcubaby says:

    Add me!!! —> Vcubaby

  173. Steevy says:

    Owww no I’m level 5 and I did 6 invasions …
    And I’ve got 3 rusty fragments but I don’t need them because I don’t have any brains and at level 5 you don’t need a mauselum XD

  174. dude named jude says:

    you are all so stupid! HAHAHAHA i am the creator of zombie farm and i gave myself unlimited brains gold and items.

  175. PooPOo says:

    wow dude named jude, you are amazing! i shall buy a brainic pack so can you give me unlimited items please??? i shall bow down to this master!!!

  176. dude named jude says:

    OK i shall give you unlimited items!!! AND anyone else who buys a brainiac pack shall also be rewarded significantly and anyone who buys any brain pack shall be rewarded with 10 brains

  177. coolman says:

    i bought it!!! i cant believe my eyes! i got unlimited items!!!thanks dude named jude i just bowed down now!

  178. dude named jude says:

    oh yeah by the way bow down to me or else i will take all the brains away from you! and if you buy 50 brains you will be on level infinity!!!HAHAHA

  179. master says:

    even i the master shall bow down to you!!! so everyone bow down to dude named jude or you will lose brains!!

  180. baby says:

    oh no i didn’t bow down to him and all my items, brains and gold disappeared!!! OH PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO ME!!!

  181. dude named jude says:


  182. Pozie says:

    i got three fragments within my first 5 invasions…

  183. Danielle says:

    Cool I never knew u could do that but u can use flower zombies 2 revive others that die so I don’t like the idea!

  184. dude named jude says:

    you butts

  185. the crazed zombee says:


  186. Ketsiii says:

    I’m already lvl 28 and there’s no way to get the 3rd piece of the rusty key!! Btw, are the glitches still on? Friend me as ketsiii ;)

  187. foto cs says:

    I am not positive the place you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend a while finding out much more or working out more. Thanks for great info I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  188. Z14111999 says:

    ho dude named jube can u give me 100 brains plz my game center user name is ZR14111999

  189. Wonderful paintings! That is the kind of info that are meant to be shared around the internet. Shame on the seek engines for not positioning this submit upper! Come on over and visit my site . Thank you =)

  190. sink bob says:

    Ok I’ll try

  191. I will right away clutch your rss feed as I can’t find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me understand in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  192. dylan says:

    look for delta132 on zombie farm if you want to be gifted

  193. Bob says:

    How do I get the key to the mausoleum in zombie farm

  194. A person says:

    does anyone know that the strongest material ever is niobium-molybdenum-titanium superalloy

  195. Jaylin says:

    I have had 2 rusty fragments for a very long time . I’ve invaded so much and I have won all my invasions. Are we able to buy some rusty fragments ?

  196. smart guy says:

    no, if you even play the game you should know!

  197. smart guy says:

    and too bad if you can not find the third key

  198. Jaylin says:

    ok then i will keep searching for the rusty fragment

  199. Delta132 says:

    i will not gift anyone although i am too rich, do not listen to dylan up there, he is stupid

  200. Katie says:

    The first two prizes I ever got from Old Macdonald were rusty fragments. But I’m level 14 and I haven’t got the third one since!

  201. don says:

    on the homescreen go to settings, general, date and time, click off set automatically, then change it by how many hours slash days you want, works for most games.

  202. Tayebe says:

    In which level i can loot this fragment??

  203. How come the language for that reason tiny, i am unable to see anything.

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