Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon iPhone walkthrough

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General Tips

An advice at the beginning: When you use the walkthrough, make sure to read every paper that you find, look at all pages of books and when you have to examine pictures or objects with the magnifier, you should do so. Also go always through the whole conversations. Otherwise, it can happen, that at a certain point, you will have to go back and do this things, because without the “knowledge” of this, the game will not go one. If you run into something like this, then have a look at your objectives (option in the inventory) and see, what objectives are not marked as done! Make sure, you follow the conversations – that will help you on your way.

  • Tap on the bust to read the dates.
  • Turn around and enter the room.
  • You find Irina dead on the floor.
  • Grab the syringe.
  • Look at the desk and grab the box of thumbtacks.
  • Turn left and click the safe for a nearby view.
  • Herman van Bergen died in 1913 (the number you seen on the bust) – in Latin it would mean: MCMXIII.
  • It works, the door opens and you can get the wax cylinder.
  • Now turn around and go to the library.
  • Read all the books you can find there. There’s 5 rooms, with 4 books.
  • Go back to the room with the bust. Now you can exit the house.

Short video-clip. Next part.

The graveyard

  • Go two steps forward to see Lionel and talk to him.
  • He’ll show you his bag. Grab the gramophone needle.
  • Turn to the left and move on to the graveyard.
  • Open the gate and see the burning church.
  • One step forward. Grab the spade.
  • Another step, talk to the grave digger.
  • Go through the complete conversation.
  • Now go and see Martha’s mausoleum – its closed.
  • Leave the grave yard and go to the inn (the red building).

The inn

  • Talk with Ozana and go up to your room.
  • Go upstairs, then one step on the corridor and turn right.
  • Tap once and stop. Now you need to disarm the bomb.
  • There is string between the door and the door frame.
  • Get the thumbtacks out of your inventory and place one at the door frame, right on the gear icon.
  • Get your knife out of the inventory and cut the string. Apply to the same place.
  • Grab the bomb.
  • Go to the table and read your mail.
  • Turn left and go to another room.
  • Turn the cross around.
  • Exit to the corridor.
  • Go back one step and enter the right door.
  • Grab the lighter and read everything you can.
  • Return to the corridor. And go to the attic.
  • Read papers, turn around and open the box.
  • Tap the gramophone. Use a needle on it. Then use a cylinder and listen to the record.
  • Read the paper beside the gramophone.
  • Go down and talk to Ozana (grab the letter from her table).
  • Exit the inn and go to the dispensary (straight from the inn, you’ll find a green building).

The dispensary

  • Try to go straight, it won’t work. Then go to the other room.
  • You’ll pick up copper wire, stake and hammer and Maria’s bloody shawl.
  • Go further, take a look at the map.
  • Use the door to the backyard.


  • Talk to the dog, continue to move.
  • Pick up the empty can.
  • Take a look at the red light.
  • Enter the building.
  • Check the coffins. Tap several times till you see the papers.
  • Tap more, you’ll find a bunch of keys.
  • Go down to the cellar, find the wooden fuse box. Tap once, then use the copper wire from your inventory.
  • Turn around and have a look at the generator.
  • Use the empty can from your inventory to fill it up with oil.
  • You are done here now, leave the shed and go back into the house.
  • You will hear the telephone.
  • Go in the hall and answer it.
  • It’s Prof. von Kruger – he wants you to do the analyzes
  • Leave the dispensary again through the kitchen door
  • Go left and again left at the shed
  • Turn right and use the golden key from your inventory at the door

Maria’s room

  • Pick up acetic acid can, empty metallic box, the key from the drawer, quill and the grain.
  • Go to the next door.

The photo development room

  • Tap on the bottle, by accident you will throw a bottle with acid over the photo.
  • Look at the photo above the shelf.
  • Exit the building and use the grains on pigeon feeder. Pick up a message and a filament.
  • Go back to the dispensary.

Dispensary / Laboratory

  • Take the sterilized instruments.
  • Use the instruments on the gear icon.
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Lab

  • Drag the tourniquet to the upper arm part.
  • Tap on the top left bottle to open it.
  • Drag the cotton wool to that bottle. Then to the crook of the arm.
  • Drag the needle to the vein.
  • Drag the other bottle to the syringe.
  • Take off the tourniquet, then tap two times on the syringe.
  • It should fill with the blood.
  • Then tap on the right square.
  • Now Bottle No. 815 should appear in you inventory.
  • Turn to the right and open the door.


  • Look at the battery on the floor – the bulb does not work.
  • Use acetic acid on the battery.
  • Now place the filament on the sampler.
  • Place your blood on the sampler.
  • After that the door will be slammed shut.
  • Get the acid out of your inventory and use it at the door.
  • Leave the lab and go into the hall.
  • Call Prof. Kruger.
  • Leave the dispensary and go to the inn.

The inn

  • Go upstairs and enter your room.
  • Get the metal box from your inventory and tap it onto the garlic.
  • Read the letters.
  • Leave your room and enter Janos’ – the one across from yours.

Janos’ room

  • Turn to the left and examine the desk.
  • Read all the letters.
  • Get the bunch of keys out of your inventory and open the desk drawer.
  • Use the bunch of key again to open the box on the coffee table.
  • Leave the inn.

Streets of Vladoviste

  • Go and see Ionel first.
  • Enter the cemetery gate and go one step inside and look right – try to grab the shovel.
  • Find the tomb of Luciana Harner.
  • Use the shovel on the bottom of the tomb.
  • Now turn to the left and go to Martha’s mausoleum.
  • It’s closed, but you found the key in the box of Martha’s dresser.
  • Pick up a crucifix there.

Big Oak Tree crossroad / The chapel

  • Now go to the Oak Tree crossroad (Field of fallen soldiers).
  • At the right, you will see Luana sitting at the wagon.
  • Go the way Luana is pointing to.
  • Look right and you will see a chapel.
  • Tap on it.
  • Go back and talk to Luana.
  • Luna tells you, that the bowl was stolen.
  • Go back to Vladoviste and talk to Ionel.
  • He tells you that Ariel and Celdric stole the cup.
  • Go to the cemetery and talk to the grave digger – he will give you a monkey wrench in trade for the lantern.
  • Go back to the bomb shell and use the monkey wrench.
  • Grab the bowl.
  • Go to the chapel and place the bowl where it belongs to.
  • You see, that there are two keys missing.
  • Get the cartridge from your inventory, it replaces two keys.
  • Its to dark to get in, so use the lighter from your inventory to lit the torch left side of the entrance and enter.

The castle

  • Go deeper into the cave and tap the sarcophagus to get a nearby view.
  • Tap the skull to open the sarcophagus and find horse bones.
  • There is no way to leave the cave, as long as the rats are blocking the entrance.
  • Get the oil can out of your inventory, tap it onto the water.
  • Watch what happens.
  • Use the coin to open the lid.

The maze

  • You wont come far before you fall down a trap door.
  • You fall through another trap door and find Janos.
  • Play a game with Janos.

Tears to tears. Sweat to sweat. Blood to blood.

  • Your goal is exactly what it says – you have to bring tears to tears, sweat to sweat and blood to blood.
  • Draw paths to connect circles of the same color.
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Tears to tears, sweat to sweat, blood to blood puzzle.

Skulls and hats puzzle

  • Now have a look at the puzzle on the right side.
  • You will see skulls, all except one is wearing a hat.
  • Your goal is to tap the skulls with the syringe in a proper order.
  • The order you’ll find in documents.
  • Open the first book and flip through till you see this picture.
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Skull Puzzle 1

  • Remember the order of people being punished. These are the first three hats.
  • The rest is on a similar single picture in your documents.
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Skull Puzzle 2

  • Here’s the order on one picture:
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Skull Puzzle solution

  • Enter the next room.

Tiles and numbers puzzle

  • You stand opposite to a big skull – turn around and look on the floor. Tap on the panel.
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Tiles and numbers

  • This puzzle is very easy. Here’s one I had:
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Tiles and numbers puzzle

The Well

  • After you finish it, steps will appear, give you the opportunity to get out of the well.
  • Tap to climb up.
  • Enter the ruined ballroom.
  • You see 7 Pilars – each of it has a gargoyle, and a torch on top.
  • Each pilar presents one path of the dragon – your goal is it, to find the right sign for the right pilar to place in the right order.
  • To find out, what you need, you will first have to look at three pictures.
  • Open your document inventory.
  • Map
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Paths map

  • You see that the seven pillars on the map are going counter clockwise, first is the Mount of Offering and last the Mount of Dragon.
  • Mountain (Martha’s photo)
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Paths. Martha's photo

  • On Martha’s photo you can see, that the wedge shape symbol is left of the trident.
  • Microfilm
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Paths. Microfilm

  • Here you see, that the pi-symbol is right to the trident
  • The ladder is right to the pi-symbol

The 7 path’ of the dragon

  • From your point, you have to start at the pilar opposite of you – the gargoyle already has a bottle of blood in his mouth.
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path start position.

  • The path goes counter clockwise – so your next pillar will always be the one to the left.
  • Path 1
  • Mountain: Mount of Offering
  • Symbol: Wedge Shape
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path 1

  • Path 2
  • Mountain: Peak of Sacrifice
  • Symbol: Inverted cross
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path 2

  • Path 3
  • Mountain: Fox Peak
  • Symbol: Inverted pentagram
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path 3

  • Path 4
  • Mountain: Mount of Punishment
  • Symbol: Cross
  • Path 5
  • Mountain: Mount of Purifying Fire
  • Symbol: Jacobs ladder
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path 5

  • Path 6
  • Mountain: Mount of Death
  • Symbol: pi
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path 6

  • Path 7
  • Mountain: Mount of Dragon
  • Symbol: Trident
  • Dracula 3 iPhone. Path 7


  • When you did all correct – between path 1 and path 7 a hatch opens.
  • Go down.
  • Martha/Maria is coming.
  • Talk to her.
  • Now Count Dracula come himself.
  • Talk to him.
  • When he starts to repeat the last question, use the bomb from your inventory
  • Watch the final.

Thanks to the walkthrough of the PC version of this game.

100 Responses to Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon iPhone walkthrough

  1. ToniSav says:

    I am VERY confused. These walkthrough instructions occasionally seem to have nothing to do with the game on my iPhone. I have started at the beginning at least twice already. When I click on the bust nothing happens. Please help!

  2. Ironrob says:

    This doesn’t match my game. How do I start the fire after finding the cold bird. I got as far as putting the bible on the pile but nothing else works. Where is the paper?

    • igor says:

      There’s no cold bird in this part. You’re probably playing either Part 1 or Part 2. And this is Part 3: The path of the dragon.

      • KJ says:

        use your bible and the cross in your inventory – that will start the fire. Then part 2 is nearly over…..

  3. ToniSav says:

    Yes, now your instructions have made a lot more sense. Thank you. You’re the ONLY one out there providing a walkthrough.

    However, I am VERY, VERY stuck. I’ve done all I have to ( gramophone, dispensary cellar, Martha’s room. But I’m stuck with effing “Blood Test!!!!!” ( after reading app review in iTunes I saw that, apparently, I’m not ONLY one! I’ve appealed to a thread run in Touchmyapps.com run by Tetraedge rep to NO AVAIL. I’ve nearly bored hole in iPhone with “using the cotton”. Am I doing something wrong ( it seems impossible as “Law of Numbers” should come into play, as I’ve done it over 100 times!! Is there a bug? Also Tetraedge rep said arm “should change color” & she posted screenshots. These pics clearly showed a small ” lighter” area, where cotton was used. However THESE shots were from iPad!!! I however have iPhone.

    In YOUR experience was there a color change?? Please help! I love this game & am probably crazy for being so obsessed with the fact that I’m BLOCKED.:( PLEASE help if you can. Большое спасибо! ( You’re Russian, no? If not, I wrote “Many Thanks!”) Tonia/Тоня

    • Holly says:


      when you try and clean the spot.. make sure you take the lid off the the disenfectant stuff. i forgot to do that and I was getting annoyed.

    • cest la vie says:

      Where do I get the needle for Stephan’s trunk? Please help. And what to do with the gramophone, I’ve done everything but it doesn’t seem to work..

      • karin says:

        from the young boy lionel.
        use the grammophone with the cylinder.

        • steph says:

          but whenever i try to get it from lionel hes never there how do i get it in the iphone version?? im stuck cuz i cant find the needle!!

    • May says:

      Hey if you’re stuck on the point where you have to do a blood test, read this: the white thing in the medics box is a cotton swab. First, you put the wrap on the arm,next, the first bottle you see with the tiny lid, take that lid off, use the cotton swab with it.Apply it to the arm.Then, you take the other lid off the other bottle and use it on the thing next to the needle.Now what you need to do is to place the needle on the arm to put it on.Last two steps: remove the wrap from the arm and push the lever thingy that’s at the end of the needle twice and then you have to take it to the lab(the door directly to the right of you) and replace the battery in the machine on the ground and look at the sampler. Arno says the filliment is burnt out. If you don’t have the filliment, you find it in the photo developement room. Equip the filliment and use it on the sampler. Then use Arno’s bottle of blood on the sampler and you’re done with this section of the game once you’ve spoken with Prof. Kruger. Then you are free to go to the inn. Au revoir!

      • will says:

        Problem with people that are stuck on this part is due to a game glitch that doesn’t seem to happen to everyone. I cannot see the upper arm AT ALL. It stops just before where the arm bends. Meaning the whole screen is cropped. The bottle you dip the cotton in is virtually off screen. Not sure if this happens in all version but did for me… so I am one of the people STUCK on the damned blood issue. There is no walkthru that will help the glitch, it just needs to be figured out by the developers and fixed. It probably is a very specific group of devices that are having this issue for whatever reason.

  4. Sophia says:

    Ok, im stuck on getting past luana, I’ve talked to her and then I’ve read that I need to find a chapel but I don’t see one!! Which means I can’t find the cup that was stolen either, mo matter which way I go there is no chapel! Please help I finally want to get going with the game! Thanks!!

    • Holly says:

      equip yourself with the crucifix and talk to her.
      then go to the chapel, and click on it, follow tthe rest. but before u get the monkeywrench, use the spade/shovel when it says “i need a tool” to get rid of the rocky surface just by the river.
      make sense?

  5. Daniel says:

    i am stuck in the cave. i read all the writings on the wall and looked at the cigarettes but if i walk throught the tiny hole i see two red eyes and if i want to keep walking arno says that i made a mistake and turns around… what am i doing wrong?

    • Roman says:

      If we are talking about the same cave then you need to simply hold holy water in your hands as you are walking through

    • Holly says:


      when it he says, “I must have done something wrong” you need to equip yourself with the coin, then go through again, you should be in a new room

  6. Louise says:

    I am playing the iphone version part 2. I have tried using the coin, the water, etc. Nothing works. Sometimes I can get to a different tunnel with a blue light flashing far away but absolutely cannot get any further! What is going on? PLEASE HELP…..

  7. Unai says:

    I am stuck in the inn, when I try to open the door of my room, explodes, and I can’t go to anywere becouse explodes too.

    • igor says:

      Just follow the walkthrough

      – Get the thumbtacks out of your inventory and place one at the door frame, right on the gear icon.
      – Get your knife out of the inventory and cut the string. Apply to the same place.
      – Grab the bomb.

  8. Kim says:

    Help I am in the Castle and I have tapped open the sarcophagus and found the horse bones however when I tap the water with my empty oil can nothing happens! Should my can be full? If yes where do I get the oil? I have acetic acid from the dispensary but it has not worked either! Help-by the way I am playing on my I-Pod
    Thank -You

    • grace says:

      when you went into maria’s house go to the storage shed and go to the place you turned the power back on. when looking at the power box turn around and directly behind you will be the oil barrel. get your can ready and tap the barrel. i had trouble with that too. =)

      • Benedikt says:

        Please Help me !
        I press the barrel but my pox don´t full.
        Sorry I can´t good English !

  9. karin says:

    this part of the game drove me nuts until i found the red spot on the floor on the right side nearby the sarcophagus. just put the oilcan on the spot…it will be set on fire immediately….. ;-)

  10. Alihagan says:

    Does anyone have a link to pt. 2?

  11. Jessie says:

    This walkthrough is very instructive. But I’m still stuck in the midway—the graveyard. I cannot get the monkey wrench from the grave keeper. I took out the from my inventory the electric lamp for trading the wrench. But there is no response from the grave keeper when I click him. When I took out any other tools (e.g. the lighter, the spade, etc.) and click the grave keeper, there is response from him and the screen popped up questions and leave option, but i know it has nothing to do with the money wrench. Before that I already talked to the gypsy Luana and Lonel and got all the tools but the shovel. Because I did not see shovel after entering into the cemetery gate and looked right. So when it required me to use tools to dig tombs or the bomb shell outside the chapel in another scene, I used my spade instead of shovel.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Arrrrgggghhhh! Anyone find a walkthrough for Part II? Google doesn’t seem to turn up anything!

  13. Laura says:

    Where are you stuck, I finished it yesterday?

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I!m in the cave…I’ve tried each item in the inventory but it just seems to go on for ever.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Arno keeps saying “I must have done something wrong.”

    • Laura says:

      Keep walking forward til you see a pair a red blinking eyes (hard to see), then turn around and keep going forward. Should end up in next room.

      • fede says:

        equip yourself with the skelton coin (you have to have it) and keep going forward, it works, you get the other room

  16. Mayra says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the circuit box under the dispensary? I know i use the copper wire but then what?

    • Laura says:

      That should be it. It took me a while to figure out that once you use the wire you’re done ( even though it looks like some of the boxes still need wire). You should be able to go back now with the lights on.

  17. Nikita says:

    I’m stuck in the beginning of part 2, can’t find a walkthrough and don’t know the next step of this game, can someone help me? any links, walkthrough, etc.. will be fine!!!!!

  18. Mayra says:

    Now im stuck on the 7 pillars. I’m pretty sure im following the directions on the walkthrough but the hatch wont open. When i leave the ball room and come back to “re-set” the puzzle the blood vial isnt there cuz its already in my inventory. Could this be the problem?

    • Laura says:

      Mine were not in the same order as the walkthrough said. I had to go back into inventory area and look at the pictures again. I think it went wedge (2 sideways triangles), pitchfork, pi, ladder, upside down cross, star, x. If that doesn’t work, then reverse the last 3 to: x, star, cross instead. I hope this is correct. You do need to start in same spot the walkthrough says ( the gargoyle to the right of the pit ).

  19. Samantha says:

    I don’t understand the finale..

  20. Gwentaz says:

    I’ve just finished it but I find the finale a bit disappointing… The game’s great but it’s been very hard and had to go through many different walkthroughs on the Internet to get to meet Vlad… Will there be a number 4?!

  21. fede says:

    hey guys, i have the same problem as Sophia, done all, but Loana still says me “know your enemy” like RATM’s song… I equipped the crocifix, the coin, everything, did all on luciana’s grave etc. etc. but nothing changes, and I can’t see that way to the chapel. Anyone has one other suggestion? I even did it again, to see if it was a bug, but maybe it’s me. Let me know please, I need it!

  22. Susanv says:

    I found your walkthrough a “god send”! A clear concise wt, I have now finished the game after being stuck for days, many many thanks.

  23. ola says:

    I’m stuck in the cave. How to get to the end of the tunnel????
    PLZ help me.

  24. Starbrght says:

    I’ve reached the part where I dug out the bomb shell and the chapel. Luana keep teeling me, “Look for the print near the water” and I’ve been tapping everywhere ‘near the water’ for the print and I can’t find it!

    Begging for help!

  25. chloe says:

    when you have to fix the music box thingy it says you need a needle were is the needle i have the cylinder but no needle iam stuck on this one bit

  26. Anne says:

    In pt. 2, what’s the safebox password? Please help, I can’t figure it out!!

  27. Sez says:

    Thanks so much for your walkthrough. I was going nuts. I’m in the castle with the skull game. However I was never able to collect the docs into my inventory do can’t refer to them. Did I miss a step where I was supposed to go back and get them all?

  28. Frodobagginsishot says:

    I am stuck in the cave. through the tunnel up to the point that I see the blinking red eyes. That’s when I hear “I must have done something wrong”.

    I’ve tried several suggestions posted on the internet; I exited and re-entered the cave several times and selected the vial of holy water, the coin with the skull, and the cross and bible. Still, nothing is working. I am using a PC, by the way.

  29. kate says:

    i’m stuck in the well at the numbers and tiles puzzle…what do i do i see your example but mine is a different order of numbers… whats the goal here?

  30. Paula says:

    I have been stuck on the tile puzzle and I must be dumb it’s the only puzzle I haven’t figure out I don’t know where to look to get the answer, your walk through wasn’t descript. Please help!

    • Whitney says:

      Okay i found out from a different walk through how it works.

      look at the numbers on the left side if it says 1-1-1 you click one spot skip another click again skip another and click again
      then look above at the numbers on top if it says 4 you know that four tiles connect if it says 0 that means zero tiles are suppose to be in that line.
      i hope that made sense. just look at the example above and try to understand

  31. essen says:

    thank you for providing the walkthrough, especially for the 3rd part…would’ve liked the ending more though if Father Arno still had a chance to interact a little bit with the count..but the twist of of the story is very entertaining..part 3’s puzzle’s were bit difficult..overall, would rate all 3 parts at 8.5 to 9 (highest is 10)..thank you again..

  32. jesseD says:

    i am playing this for my iphone and i got as far as going into the cave moving the rocks and then i walk in the tunnel part and after a while he says i mustve done something wrong whatd i do wrong? and where do i go from here to progress in the game cuz as of right now im stuck

    • grace says:

      when you get to the begining of the tunnel you go forward 4 times or until you see the red eyes then turn around and go back 4 times if you had him say “i must’ve done something wrong” then you went too far.

      Hope this helped. =)

  33. june sukondhajan says:

    I am still stuck on part 2. Does anyone have the walkthru? help!!! i’m just walking in circles ….. i just got back from budapest and not knowing what to do next…… there are no clues! thanks!

    • grace says:

      Go to Maria’s house the power should go out. and go to the door that the dog jumps at and go though it

    • Gianna says:

      Help please!!! I am to the 2 part in the beggining and I am stuck.I talked to everyone. I read everything and I went to the dog’s room but nothing happened. I don’ know what else to do.pls help…

  34. grace says:

    Thank for the walkthough it helped a bunch. i messed up a few times on the walkthough but fixed my mistakes and got to the end. i was a little like “What! That’s it!”. just a tad disapointing but it was a really entertaining game. anyways, thanks for the walkthough. =)

  35. miki says:

    Thank you so much i finally know how to pass through the # puzzle i kind of had a little trouble so now i am good. thanks. ^_^

  36. spacetime says:

    Our world can be said to be infinitely massive and the microscopic universe is infinitely tiny. But what is infinitely big and small in truly mathematical terms?

  37. AlucarD says:

    thanks it worked well for me

  38. nuh says:

    i cannot go to chaple he said he must go sleep and the another door in my room didnot open >>>help me

  39. otc medicine says:

    You have an amazing website. Keep up the great work.

  40. antonella says:

    scusatemi mi dite l’inizio del 3 capito cosa si fà????

  41. Sj says:

    Couldn’t dig the grave of Luciana Hartner.. Someone please enlighten me~~


  42. Waqar Zeb says:

    For able to dig the grave of Luciana Hartner two tasks must be accomplished. 1-Take the pin from the boy lonel. 2- Add that pin into gramophone to play it at roof chamber of inn. Now you able to dig the grave via spade.

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  44. kathy says:

    I’m stock in the puzzle!! It is a different skulls order or something cause Arno say’s
    Something’s missing when i tap the skull!! Help me!! Im frustrated

  45. P says:

    Hey , right now i am stuck where u have to burn the oil to kill the rats but i have no oil.. I had some but used it to move the closet in the beginning of the game.
    Can someone help please? Thank you

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  47. Lol says:

    I can’t find the needle on the IPad version I have talked to everybody and looked in all the rooms and can’t find it I am also stuck on the suitcase in the attic

  48. Mark says:

    Where do I get the filament form.

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