Doodle God Episodes 1-4 walkthrough

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earth + fire = lava
air + earth = dust
air + fire = energy
energy + air = storm
fire + dust = ash
lava + air = stone
fire + stone = metal
water + stone = sand
energy + metal = electricity
water + air = steam
metal + steam = boiler
fire + sand = glass
water + earth = swamp
fire + water = alcohol
swamp + sand = clay
swamp + energy = life
alcohol + water = vodka

water + life = weeds
swamp + life = bacteria
swamp + weeds = moss
earth + moss = grass
swamp + grass = reed
water + bacteria = plankton
life + sand = seeds
life + ash = ghost
life + stone = egg
egg + earth = dinosaur
dinosaur + fire = dragon
air + egg = bird
swamp + moss = fern
clay + life = golem
golem + life = human
human + fire = corpse
human + human = sex
life + corpse = zombie
zombie + corpse = ghoul
human + energy = wizard
wizard + energy = demigod
seed + earth = tree
human + metal = tools
metal + tools = weapons
weapons + man = hunter
hunter + weapons = warrior
warrior + dragon = hero + blood
blood + human = vampire
fire + clay = bricks
tools + reed = paper
bird + hunter = meat + feather + blood
tree + tool = wood
feather + paper = book
swamp + bacteria = worm + sulfur
tree + fire = ash + ash + coal
coal + boiler = steam-engine
human + alcohol = alcoholic
sand + worm = snake
snake + water = fish
water + coal = oil
plankton + fish = whale
snake + tools = poison
poison + weapon = poisoned weapon
poisoned weapon + human = assassin
wood + tool = wheel
earth + tools = field
field + seeds = wheat
wheat + stone = flour
flour + water = dough
dough + fire = bread
bread + alcohol = beer
sand + egg = turtle
swamp + egg = lizard
wood + wheel = cart
cart + steam engine = locomotive
bird + fire = phoenix
lizard + earth = beast
beast + vampire = werewolf
worm + earth = beetle
fire + grass = tobacco
beetle + sand = scorpion
tobacco + paper = cigarette
wood + water = boat
cart + beast = chariot
hunter + beast = meat + wool + blood
human + clay = ceramics
human + stone = hut
stone + plankton = shell
shell + stone = limestone
limestone + clay = cement
tools + wool = fabric
human + beast = domesticated animal
life + tree = treant
weeds + earth = mushroom
water + cement = concrete
concrete + bricks = house
fish + beast = dolphin
wood + boat = ship
oil + cart = car
car + air = airplane
fabric + human = clothes
air + worm = butterfly
storm + bird = thunderbird
glass + house = skyscraper
domestic animal + grass = milk + fertilizer
limestone + fertilizer = saltpeter
saltpeter + sulfur = gunpowder
weapon + gunpowder = firearm
ship + fabric = frigate
ship + steam engine = steamship


void + glass = lightbulb
void + electricity = radio wave
light bulb + radio wave = tv
tv + book = computer
radiowave + radiowave = radiation
metal + radiation = plutonium
plutonium + weapon = Nuclear Bomb
computer + radio wave = cell phone
energy + fire = plasma
plasma + void = sun
sun + grass = flower
sun + flower = sunflower
tree + flower = apple
sand + tree = palm tree
seeds + energy = coffee
void + airplane = rocket
Void + rocket= Satellite
Radio wave + fire = laser
laser + book = CD
metal + water = quicksilver
quick silver demigod= philospers stone
Apple + cell phone = gold
human + computer = cyborg
computer + computer = internet


commandments + human = religion
religion + human = law + sin
Beast + house = cat + dog
tools + law = mechanism
alcoholic + ship = pirate
alcoholic + house = tavern
sand + glass = clock
waater + glass = ice
book + human = knowledge
warrior + firearm = soldier
gold + paper = money
knowledge + fish = octopus
bacteria + milk = cheese
money + human = work
beetle + work = ant
human + bacteria = virus
mechanism + book = typewriter
knowledge + human = scientist
fish + egg = caviar
apple + dough = pie
law + soldier = policeman
ice + milk = ice cream
knowledge + virus = medicine
fire + meat = steak
reed + field = sugar
ice + mechanism = freezer
sex + human = fun
reed + human = music
human + rocket = astronaut
corpse + electricity = death metal
medicine + bacteria = antibiotics
music + alcohol = rock-n-roll
alcohol + grass = absinthe
money + skyscraper = bank
computer + virus = hacker
coffee + vodka = b-52
law + fun = games
alcohol + pirate = rum
sugar + bread = cookies
alcoholic + money = hangover
money + bank = debt
debt + money = credit card
vodka + firearm + russian roulette
sex + sex = censored
typewriter + human = journalist
life + void = alien
fire + vodka = molotov cocktail
milk + vodka = white russian
water + water = sea
sun + sea = salt
rocket + alien = ufo
beast + medicine = rat
vodka + worm = tequila


magic + void = DARKNESS, LIGHT
magic + knowledge = SPELL
magic + music = BARD
magic + religion = PRIEST
magic + priest = PRAYER
magic + water = POTION
magic + beast = UNICORN
magic + paper = SCROOL
light + darkness = SHADOW
spell + air = ILLUSION
spell + ice = CONE OF COLD
spell + fire = FIREBALL
spell + book = SPELL BOOK
prayer + priest = HEALING
light + life = ANGEL
darkness + earth = UNDERGROUND
wizard + zombie = NECROMANCER
wizard + house = TOWER
beast + darkness = DEMON
darkness + energy = DEATH
death + healing = RESURRECTION
warrior + priest = PALADIN
life + void = CHAOS, ORDER
chaos + void = ASTRAL
astral + spell = TELEPORT
astral + death= ILLITHID
astral + metal = SILVER
law + assassin = ROGUE
mechanism + life = MODRON
human + metal = ARMOR
human + weapon = SWORD, CROSSBOW
human + magic = ELF
human + elf = HALF-ELF
human + swamp = ORC, GOBLIN
human + tree = DRUID
human + stone = DWARF
elf + darkness = DROW
elf + metal = METHRIL
elf + weapon = BOW
house + armor = CASTLE
weapons + magic = WAND
priest + weapon = MACE
drow + metal = ADAMANTITE
dwarf + darkness = DUERGAR
dwarf + weapon = AXE, HAMMER
beast + weapon = CLAWS

“Save the Princess” quest
human + sword = warrior
dwarf + axe = warrior
warrior + priest = paladin
warrior + dragon = steak
magic + book = spell book
magic + human = elf
human + spell book = wizard
elf + spell book = wizard
warrior + wizard = adventurers
wizard + paladin = party
king + adventurers = quest
king + party = quest
adventurers + dragon = ash + steak
party + dragon = dead dragon
adventurers + quest = experience + gold
adventurers + experience = party
quest + dragon = mountain
mountain + dragon = lair
lair + rogue = secret door
dead dragon + party = key
secret door + key = trap
trap + wizard = ash + maze
maze + party = experience + gold + princess

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  1. Moomoo the supercow says:

    Awesome game thnx 4 wakthroo. :)

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    hey dis walktrogh is like d game alchemy

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    So useful! Thank you for it

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  4. J-TOP says:

    Can u add the walkthrough for episode 4 please!

    • your a dumass says:

      he did, clearly. your a dumass

      • uhh says:

        It wasn’t on at the time.

      • devil spawn says:

        shut up! god! quit calling people a dumbarse. is that all you do all day? Just go on threads and call people a dumbarse? get a muthafukin life!

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      • Why is everyone using the word "dumbass" so much? says:

        You posted this comments half a year after he asked for someone to post episode 4 of the game. Stop saying dumbass you ignorant fool. honestly, you can’t even use that correctly? You just don’t think, do you?

  5. RAWRRRR!!! says:

    Thank you very much for the walkthrough
    u came out with the 4 episode really quickly
    Thank you again

  6. trungtn says:

    hi. pls make for quest too. i’m stuck at 89% of save the princess 

  7. dmandadude says:

    Sex + Sex = pornography

  8. HELP! says:

    plzz do the quest as well

  9. Sytrew says:

    Help me I cannot find out how to start episode four it always goes straight to three.

  10. Amie says:

    This is SO great, thank you SO much!

  11. Amie says:

    Btw guys, this game is GREAT! Anyone who has the $$ should get it! It passes the time really quickly:)
    Xoxo igor<3

  12. Doodle Devil says:

    can u plz put on 1 of tha doodle devil plz, otherwise thnx 4 tha otha walkthroughds they’re
    really usefull

  13. ProDoodleGod says:

    You Should put a Doodle Devil Guide

  14. Farkas says:

    Haha, love it. Cellphone + Apple =Gold. Nice^^

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    Sorry Tracy I will learn to spell, I’ve got a dictionary in my hand right now… By the way thanks for calling me a dumb @ss ;)

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  17. Jaydees says:

    Does anyone know the secret achievements??? If you do can you please list all of them. Thanks

  18. Cid says:

    I just finished episode 3. How do I get the “magic” to begin episode 4.

  19. Jaydees says:

    Sorry toothless, didn’t mean to offend, it’s just someone said something and then deleted their message

  20. lydialuvsherringo says:

    Great! Thank you for making this, it helped a lot! :)

  21. Dimitra says:

    If you can only get magic by completing episode 4…. How can you complete episode four without it :/ HELP

  22. Dezzly says:

    Can’t make cell phone :( tried radio waves + computer so many times, but it just goes “eh eh” and won’t let me… anyone have an idea??

    • At God says:

      Yeah you have to reach level 3 before you can make that. So make everything before that to get to level 3

  23. Adam smith says:

    how do you make man on doodle god

  24. GOD says:

    i have 247/248 hint dont work and i didnt find out what i missed in the walktrough i have, full in jing,n,jang 5 in air 10 in animals 6 in civilication 10 in earth 6 in darkness, n stuff 6 in, god stuff 10 in humans 10 in magic full in evil animals full in elfs n stuff,
    5 in knowledge n stuff 5 in water full in water where is it i miss 1?

  25. Danni says:

    You forgot one in 248 which is shadow

  26. rex says:

    you cant play episode 4 idiots,
    I searched all of google!

    • rex is a re-re says:

      hello, if you played this game you would know that yes there is an episode 4, but no, you can’t play it on your computer. I wonder why…oh that’s right, because it’s only available on the iphone or something of the like…dumb@ss

  27. rex says:

    please think for a bit there,
    but thanks for having it,its helpful!

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  29. MJ says:

    Any help?

    It wont let me create coffee for a B-52, or salt from combining Sea’s together.?
    Any idea for what is wrong here?

  30. nick96 says:

    none of the reactions are working

  31. nick96 says:

    why dont any of the reactions work on mine

    • syrena wilson says:

      mine dont work sometimes…i restart my computer and it picks up were i left off.(:

  32. syrena wilson says:

    how do you make a airplane? btw…this is really usefull! thanks!(:

  33. Caolloop says:

    Egg plus life = coale, revo call site zhopa. Kakhaz.

  34. Caolloop says:

    Humana + sisidge = biig biscuit peeeniiiiss.hahajjJajajajajajajhajjajakajjj

  35. BJ says:

    you forgot alcohol+alcohol=vodka by episode 2

  36. ariel says:

    hola les queria comentar qu el juego no lo kiero descargar por pedasos en mi pc les que ria preguntar que si savende algun link que me descarge para pc el 1 2 3 y el evil para jugar todo en uno yno andar descargando e instalando todo si alguien save les dejo mi mail

  37. Arthedain says:

    Well Done!

  38. girlie says:

    you should add the walkthroughs for Sins Vs. Virtues and Run, Santa, run!(:

  39. kyle pyett says:

    thank you for these me and my cousin finished the game in less than a hour

  40. Steven Yin says:

    Doodle God is for pro let’s go DOODLE GOD! U ROC

  41. Ninja says:

    How do you make comandements?

  42. Digoblon says:

    where i can found the doodle god with epsode 4?

  43. Pracuję w tej branży i muszę powiedzieć że nie jest to lekki kawałek chleba.

  44. Jessica says:

    This helped me allot. I love it and thank you. Now I am able to finish doodle god. I tried lots of other websites for this and didn’t get anything. Thank you so much. I love you guys!


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    How dod i make money and steam engine?

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    Very awestome submission. Too Correct

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    This helped me sooo much, thnx.
    I completed it, didn’t think that when i started this game.

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  54. Lostsoul says:

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    Sins vs Virtues (1 element):sex+priest=chastity

  59. the actual plot of land lines are extremely bland.

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    Uhh i dont know whats wrong but i have the paid version of doodle god and it wont let me pass level 3 or give me any more hints. Can anybody help me? And can u please stop talking about proper grammer, spelling and punctuation!! Help??????

  69. Ben says:

    I have tried humans+energy = wizard combination, but that does not appear to work for me? if anybody has any further suggestions, I would much appreciate it.

  70. Lightswitch Windowshade says:

    Was Money supposed to be missing? Where is it?

    • Demonichell9 says:

      Not sure if you are talking about how to create Money or where it goes after you make it? To make it combine Gold + Paper. If you have it, it should be in the same place as Virus, Typewriter, in the scientific tab. Hope this helps!

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    hey guys where can i play doodle god – save the princess quest online?? link please!!

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    Thanks a lot for the walkthrough. Got the missed things :)

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  75. Ggvvv says:

    I am stuck on episode two I have done everything on this walkthrough and I still won’t let me go on to episode 3!!!
    Plz help

    • atharwa says:

      It even happenend to me but i restarted that episode again…………………………….!!Problem in finding the restart button go to the main game page there will be a restart button down on the back button!.

  76. Ggvvv says:

    I am stuck on episode two and I have done everything on this walkthrough but it still says I havnt finished it yet!!!
    Plz help

  77. Why in thefuckinworld did U make this game?! it’s ofel!


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  81. fang reaper says:

    It deleted wizard and demigod and refuses to let me remake them

  82. oh thanks says:

    I love that you have fourth episode too!

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  84. Teetouch says:

    Thank you

  85. Merente says:

    This game is like minecraft

  86. everyone seems to be an idiot on this thread says:

    thank you for this guide, it really helps when using the F2P version.

  87. 岩澤初め says:

    ありがとうございます!!! These cheats really helped, I absolutely love this game!

  88. lol says:

    como eu faso para ir ao episodio 4 eu pesquiso e não acho quem sabe fala o site pff

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  90. LilixXx says:

    Episode 3:
    In the groupe where are bank, comandments,death metal, sin, fun, religion, law, rock’n’roll, and music, it miss me one thing but it’s not on the list, so does someone know what is it, please ?

  91. bajs says:

    Episode 1

    jord + fire = lava
    luft + jord = damm
    luft + fire = energi
    energi + luft = storm
    Fire + damm = aska
    lava + luft = sten
    Fire + sten = metall
    vatten + sten = sand
    energi + metall = el
    vatten + luft = ånga
    metall + ånga = panna
    Fire + sand = glas
    vatten + jord = träsk
    eld + vatten = alkohol
    träsk + sand = lera
    träsk + energi = liv
    alkohol + vatten = vodka

    Vatten + livet = ogräs
    träsk + livet = bakterier
    träsk + ogräs = mossa
    jord + mossa = gräs
    träsk + gräs = vass
    vatten + bakterier = plankton
    life + sand = frön
    life + aska = spöke
    LIFE + sten = ägg
    ägg + jord = dinosaurie
    dinosaurie + fire = drake
    luft + ägg = fågel
    träsk + mossa = ormbunke
    lera + life = golem
    Golem + life = mänsklig
    människa + fire = lik
    människa + human = kön
    life + lik = zombie
    zombie + lik = Ghoul
    människa + energi = guiden
    Guiden + energi = halvgud
    frö + jord = träd
    mänskliga + metall = Verktyg
    metall + Verktyg = vapen
    vapen + mannen = jägare
    jägare + vapen = krigare
    krigare + drake = hjälte + blod
    blod + människa = vampyr
    Fire + lera = tegel
    verktyg + vass = papper
    fågel + jägare = kött + fjäder + blod
    Träd + verktyg = trä
    fjäder + papper = bok
    träsk + bakterier = mask + svavel
    Träd + fire = aska + aska + kol
    kol + panna = ångmaskin
    humant + alkohol = alkoholhaltiga
    sand + mask = orm
    orm + vatten = fisk
    vatten + kol = olja
    plankton + fisk = val
    orm + Verktyg = gift
    gift + vapen = förgiftad vapen
    förgiftad vapen + mänsklig = Assassin
    trä + verktyg = hjul
    jord + Verktyg = fält
    fält + frön = vete
    vete + sten = mjöl
    mjöl + vatten = deg
    deg + fire = bröd
    bröd + alkohol = öl
    sand + ägg = sköldpadda
    träsk + ägg = ödla
    trä + hjul = varukorg
    varukorg + ångmaskin = lok
    fågel + fire = phoenix
    ödla + jord = djur
    djur + vampyr = varulv
    mask + jord = skalbagge
    Fire + gräs = tobak
    skalbagge + sand = skorpion
    tobak + papper = cigarett
    ved + vatten = båt
    varukorg + djur = vagn
    jägare + djur = kött + ull + blod
    mänskliga + lera = keramik
    människa + sten = koja
    sten + plankton = skal
    skal + sten = kalksten
    kalksten + lera = cement
    Verktyg + ull = tyg
    mänskliga + djur = tamdjur
    life + träd = treant
    ogräs + jord = svamp
    vatten + cement = betong
    betong + tegel = hus
    fisk + djur = delfin
    trä + båt = skepp
    olja + cart = bil
    bil + luft = flygplan
    tyg + humana = kläder
    luft + mask = fjäril
    storm + fågel = Thunderbird
    glas + hus = skyskrapa
    husdjur + gräs = mjölk + gödsel
    kalksten + gödselmedlet = salpeter
    salpeter + svavel = krut
    vapen + krut = skjutvapen
    fartyg + tyg = fregatt
    fartyg + ångmaskin = ångfartyg

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    How do I make sugar?

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