Cat physics walkthrough (Levels 1 – 80)

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Here is the walkthrough of all levels in the game by Donut Games Cat Physics.

Just copy the placement of the arrows in the pictures!

Jump to Level 51, Level 71 or Level 79

The following text is just rubbish for the stupid plugin that screws up everything when we start with images too soon…………..

Cat Physics Level 1 walkthrough

Level 1

Cat Physics Level 2 walkthrough

Level 2

Cat Physics Level 3 walkthrough

Level 3

Cat Physics Level 4 walkthrough

Level 4

Cat Physics Level 5 walkthrough

Level 5

Cat Physics Level 6 walkthrough

Level 6

Cat Physics Level 7 walkthrough

Level 7

Cat Physics Level 8 walkthrough

Level 8

Cat Physics Level 9 walkthrough

Level 9

Cat Physics Level 10 walkthrough

Level 10

Cat Physics Level 11 walkthrough

Level 11

Cat Physics Level 12 walkthrough

Level 12

Cat Physics Level 13 walkthrough

Level 13

Cat Physics Level 14 walkthrough

Level 14

Cat Physics Level 15 walkthrough

Level 15

Cat Physics Level 16 walkthrough

Level 16

Cat Physics Level 17 walkthrough

Level 17

Cat Physics Level 18 walkthrough

Level 18

Cat Physics Level 19 walkthrough

Level 19

Cat Physics Level 20 walkthrough

Level 20

Cat Physics Level 21 walkthrough

Level 21

Cat Physics Level 22 walkthrough

Level 22

Cat Physics Level 23 walkthrough

Level 23

Cat Physics Level 24 walkthrough

Level 24

Cat Physics Level 25 walkthrough

Level 25

Cat Physics Level 26 walkthrough

Level 26

Cat Physics Level 27 walkthrough

Level 27

Cat Physics Level 28 walkthrough

Level 28

Cat Physics Level 29 walkthrough

Level 29

Cat Physics Level 30 walkthrough

Level 30

Cat Physics Level 31 walkthrough

Level 31

Cat Physics Level 32 walkthrough

Level 32

Cat Physics Level 33 walkthrough

Level 33

Cat Physics Level 34 walkthrough

Level 34

Cat Physics Level 35 walkthrough

Level 35

Cat Physics Level 36 walkthrough

Level 36

Cat Physics Level 37 walkthrough

Level 37

Cat Physics Level 38 walkthrough

Level 38

Cat Physics Level 39 walkthrough

Level 39

Cat Physics Level 40 walkthrough

Level 40

Cat Physics Level 41 walkthrough

Level 41

Cat Physics Level 42 walkthrough

Level 42

Cat Physics Level 43 walkthrough

Level 43

Cat Physics Level 44 walkthrough

Level 44

Cat Physics Level 45 walkthrough

Level 45

Cat Physics Level 46 walkthrough

Level 46

Cat Physics Level 47 walkthrough

Level 47

Cat Physics Level 48 walkthrough

Level 48

Cat Physics Level 48 walkthrough

Level 48 Path

Cat Physics Level 49 walkthrough

Level 49

Cat Physics Level 50 walkthrough

Level 50

Cat Physics Level 51 walkthrough

Level 51

Cat Physics Level 52 walkthrough

Level 52

Cat Physics Level 53 walkthrough

Level 53

Cat Physics Level 54 walkthrough

Level 54

Cat Physics Level 55 walkthrough

Level 55

Cat Physics Level 56 walkthrough

Level 56

Cat Physics Level 57 walkthrough

Level 57

Cat Physics Level 58 walkthrough

Level 58

Cat Physics Level 59 walkthrough

Level 59

Cat Physics Level 60 walkthrough

Level 60

Cat Physics Level 61 walkthrough

Level 61

Cat Physics Level 62 walkthrough

Level 62

Cat Physics Level 63 walkthrough

Level 63

Cat Physics Level 64 walkthrough

Level 64

Cat Physics Level 65 walkthrough

Level 65

Cat Physics Level 66 walkthrough

Level 66

Cat Physics Level 67 walkthrough

Level 67

Cat Physics Level 68 walkthrough

Level 68

Cat Physics Level 69 walkthrough

Level 69

Cat Physics Level 70 walkthrough

Level 70

Cat Physics Level 71 walkthrough

Level 71

Cat Physics Level 72 walkthrough

Level 72

Cat Physics Level 73 walkthrough

Level 73

Cat Physics Level 73 walkthrough path

Level 73 Path

Cat Physics Level 74 walkthrough

Level 74

Cat Physics Level 75 walkthrough

Level 75

Cat Physics Level 76 walkthrough

Level 76

Cat Physics Level 77 walkthrough

Level 77

Cat Physics Level 77 walkthrough path

Level 77 Path

Cat Physics Level 78 walkthrough

Level 78

Cat Physics Level 79 walkthrough

Level 79

Cat Physics Level 79 walkthrough path

Level 79 Path

Cat Physics Level 80 walkthrough

Level 80


70 Responses to Cat physics walkthrough (Levels 1 – 80)

  1. Thanks for giving me credit :)

  2. patrick says:

    need soultion for level 59 help!!

  3. Alex says:

    I need solution for level 75!!! Please help!!! :)

  4. The Black Swan says:

    Place the first arrow just after the second turnstill pointing up & right..
    The second arrow is just under the round rubber bit.
    This gives the ball enought speed to bounce off the rubber in to the wall to break it. I havent got 3 stars yet.
    But at least I finished all levels.

  5. Dest says:

    Is there a way to clear level 79?

  6. Johnny says:

    Yes, please give me the solutions for level 79 -.-

    • galeno says:

      level 79, three stars:
      the first arrow you must use is “up”, put it close to the cat.
      then you must use left arrow to bounce the ball against the wall.
      after that use down arrow against the glass, but without break it, just touch the corner.
      when the ball hits the hill you must try with the right arrow.
      i´m sorry for my english, i hope i have cleared the question.

  7. QuArK says:

    Hi, level 69 really doesnt work for me, i can’t pass the turnstile :/ Have you another idea?

    • QuArK says:

      IT’S OK !!!

      • rottunpunk says:

        it took me ages to do this one even with the guide. i kept focusing on shifting the 2 up arrows, when i just needed a slight adjustment on the right arrow

        this guide is spot on, and has helped me avoid hours of frustration, thanks guys

  8. Mary says:

    It won’t let me see 42 thru 70

  9. N/a says:

    Some of those levels doesn’t work!!!!!!!

    • igor says:

      All of them should work. Can you name one? I can post an alternate solution to that level.

      • Kelly says:

        I know 61 doesn’t work. I’ve been thru all of them but I was just checking yours out and 61 does not work. It doesn’t even show the other button you have to push. I have all 3 stars on all the levels. I’ll sure be glad when they get more levels updated. I’ll try to go thru others and see if they all work for 3 stars later.

  10. miki says:

    thanks for the guide. ^_^
    but 61 seems to not work for me – i place them all in the right places and i get it through the first gate but then it’ll just bounce once and disappear and restar the game.

    (just to make sure, only one of the buttons should be pressed right?)

    • igor says:

      This one is a three stars solution. If you look closely, you can see a teleport above the black area at the top left. The ball should get there and then appear beside the black cat.

      If you want a simpler solution then you must press both buttons.

      Do you need a screenshot for the alternate solution?

      • miki says:

        I had a feeling that it had something to do with the teleporters…

        I kept messing around with them and eventually got it to work… Thanks. ^_^

  11. shmily says:

    I cannot get level 48…that solution doesn’t work…does anyone have another?

  12. Bish says:

    Number 75 is causing me problems. I have copied your suggestion, but I am no further? Regards

    • Bish says:

      Worked level 75 out. U place the arrow pointing to the right after the second spin wheel, The ball will then rebound off the green ball smashing glass panel,

      • AppSolutions says:

        No, the ball shouldn’t touch the green ball. It should fly straight to the glass.

        I hope that helps.

  13. Bumble says:

    Level 54…I can get the ball through the teleporter and it comes out at the black cat but zooms off away from it. How do I solve this?!

  14. Binger says:

    Can’t get through level 44

  15. Austin says:

    Level 69 doen’t work for me!!!! Help please???

  16. Sonia says:

    help, level 47 doesnt work for me

  17. jason says:

    level 80 is wrong. it doesnt even get 3 stars. does anyone hav a better solution?

  18. Olivia says:

    Help! I need solution for level 52!! The one here doesn’t work!! Black Swan!

  19. tk says:

    please help me.. ın 61. level there is a problem. I saw the teleport but ı didn’t do anything….

  20. Katelyn says:

    i need help on level 53 it won’t work!!!!!!!

  21. AML says:

    LVL 71. I can only get one star (518 points)

    Anyone know a better way to get 3 stars?

  22. JM says:

    Level 61 Won’t Work. I’ve Tried Sevral Times On My Own And With Help. So please I think it’s wrong!!!!

  23. nitin says:

    this one took my full day.. finally found the walkthrough…

  24. Steve says:

    HELP with #36 please. It just wont work for me. The ball won’t make it over the last ridge. Any suggestions?

  25. nitin says:

    cannot get thru 75.. tried the solution given
    the ball doesnt break the glass nor does it reach the second arrow

    • AppSolutions says:

      Ignore the second arrow. It should go straight to the top part of the bottom glass and break it. If your ball jumps too high, move the arrow a bit to the left.

  26. Sonia says:

    can anyone help me with level 74

  27. Great Game I Saved All Images To My IPhone So I Passed Most Levels With Either Two Or Three Stars Great Walkthrough!

  28. hn says:

    I can’t break the glass on level 75!

  29. HDL7 says:

    Hey :) i though u might like to i know i found an easier way on lvl 32. To get the highest score on it, u have to get 540 right…well i got 615 :) 
    Step 1: Take the “up” arrow
    n put at the corner under the horizontal bar with the little up arrows on it. U will have to pull it down a bit so the ball can reach it!
    Step 2: Take the arrow that is at an angle pointing in a northeast direction n put it in the corner just above the horizontal bar with the little up arrows. The ball should go over the rock wall with the button on it, bounce once on the top (you will see a little flash up there) n it should fall on the other side of the wall to the black cat!
    Step 3: Depending on the exact positioning of the arrows, when the ball goes over the rock wall, it may not make it all the way to the cat…but if you put the arrow pointing to the right on the ground right next to the black cat n it should go right to it!! 
    I hope you can get it!! Good Luck!! :)

  30. V says:

    Lvl 69: although it doesn’t seem to work as positioned above (exactly!), I found that there’s enough slop in the code that the results can vary very slightly. One out of ten times or so the ball would move past the turnstile without my moving anything.

    Thanks for a great resource!

  31. suzq29 says:

    Where do I find solutions for levels 81-90?

  32. Ritesh says:

    Need help on Level 85 of Cat Physics.

  33. Selina says:

    Stuck on level 84. How do y bounce the ball up the wall? Got To this level on my own Now stuck And looking for help

  34. pet sitting says:

    I loved up to you’ll obtain performed right here. The cartoon is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over that you would like be handing over the following. unwell without a doubt come further in the past again as precisely the same nearly a lot often inside of case you shield this increase.

  35. Stacy133 says:

    This so does not work I tried number 58 like a million times and im still stuck on it….crazy stuffBut now this stupid thing is saying my sentence is way to short now I have to keep on talking about stuff that I dont even know…..crazy stuffins man, but I’m a girl@&!

  36. Rica says:

    I cant see to make level 59 work… thou I did exactly as it says, the first arrow just wont do it… thank you

  37. Lynette says:

    Can i have some help with Level 78 been stuck on it forever. Thank you great game

  38. farbod says:

    hello.this is very nice.thanck you very much.

  39. Is there an RSS feed with the full content alternatively of just the teasers?

  40. how do u get passed level 90, does any-1 know please help

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