All Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

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  1. You get an egg for completing all first group of levels with 3 stars.
  2. You also get an egg for completing all second set, 4 & 5 (big hoax) with 3 stars.
  3. Let the credits scroll to the end, you get an egg.
  4. Click the ‘i’ icon in any level then the question mark, for help. Click through help to White bird advice for an egg.
  5. Level 2:2, burst the beachball.
  6. Level 4:7 on the far right, zoom out to see an egg. You’ll have to use your only yellow on this level to get it.
  7. Level 1:8, treasure chest, tap twice for egg.
  8. Level 5:19, rocket level. The egg is at the top right corner out of the bounds of the visible are. The only way to reach it is the white bird. Just try to drop the bomb between two nearest towers. The angle of launch should about 45% – 50%.
  9. On the first level select screen, tap around the sun, should bring an egg forth.
  10. Level 6:14. Hit the yellow balloon with the boomerang-bird.
  • Soundboard level, in sequence click: blue bird, red bird, bomb bird with eyes closed, blue bird, green bird (repeat once)
  • Radio, tap on second and fourth buttons simultaneously.
  • Beak, use two fingers to ‘pull’ the beak apart, like you are zooming out on iPhone.
  • Sleeping helmet frog, two fingers again, ‘pull’ open his eyes.

Updated, thanks PDiddy!

380 Responses to All Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

  1. PDiddy says:

    To get the golden star in the bird soundboard, it’s a musical scale like a piano.

    The combination is blue bird, red bird, bomb bird with eyes closed, blue bird, green bird (repeat once)

  2. Mark says:

    Total how many eggs are there? I have found 12. Is that it. Thx for help with the stars on the un obvious one

  3. Riscos says:

    There are now 15 golden eggs in total.

    • ScheltoMusic says:

      There are 17 Golden Eggs, and here they are, grouped. Found them all out myself, and reset the game to retry it!

      1. Click Start at the home screen; Double-tap the sun.
      2. Watch the credits and tap the GE at the end.

      Medium: (requires unlocks)
      3. If you’ve unlocked the white (bombing) bird; Watch the instructions, (click the question mark) and click the GE falling from the bird.
      4. If you’ve unlocked the scene Danger Above; scroll all the way to level 8, then slide further, as if you’re trying to get to 9. There’s a GE.

      5. Level 1-8; Double-tap the chest.
      6. Level 2-2; Break the ball, and finish the level.
      7. Level 5-19; Shoot the yellow bird high above the rocket. (outside screen)
      8. Level 6-14; Break the yellow balloon in the lower right corner.
      9. Level 7-4; Zoom out, shoot the yellow at the GE in upper right corner.
      10. Level 8-15; Zoom out, GE under shooting platform.
      11. Level 9-14; Zoom out, GE in the right.
      12. Level 10-3; Break the wood in the first cliff.
      13. Level 11-15; Zoom out, shoot the green backwards to GE beneath.

      Hard: (requires skill and patience)
      14. Finish every level with 3 stars in Poached Eggs
      15. Finish every level with 3 stars in Mighty Hoax
      16. Finish every level with 3 stars in Danger Above
      17. Finish every level with 3 stars in The Big Setup

      Good Luck!

      • Kirby says:

        I have 18 at the present time. The 18th is in Hangem High.

      • warm hen says:

        I can’t get access to the golden eggs for 3 stars on Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above and the Big Setup although I’ve done it. Help!

        • amberber says:

          did you ever figure this out? one of the forums i saw said you may have to replay the first level of each one and get all 3*s again to actually get them to unlock.

  4. Robert says:

    Missing one on the top left. Anyone know which I am missing?? Thanks!

  5. Tyrone says:

    How do u complete the golden egg for poached eggs?

  6. Kimo says:

    There are now 16 Golden Eggs, and it’s another soundboard but I have no clue how to figure this one out, anyone know?

  7. Kimo says:

    Ok so I was messing around and I got the star on the 16th golden egg, I turned every one on, clicked the big red bird to start the soundboard, and dragged him all the way to the right for the fastest tempo. Not sure if I did something before that but It worked!

  8. teresa says:

    What is the soundboard level

  9. hussain says:

    17 eggs in total ..

  10. Fildaddy says:

    Where is the 17th egg?

  11. Ttk says:

    11.15. Bottom left under stage. Throw third bird backward

  12. Dannyd says:

    I have all 17 golden eggs is that the end of angry birds because there is alot of space for more golden eggs lol

  13. Paul says:

    I was thinking the same, it looks like there could be more eggs to find. Lets hope theres another update soon!!

  14. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know how to get the star for the Golden Egg in the middle? Not sure what number it is, but it has all the characters, blocks and the slingshot.

    • aphrophyre says:

      Replicate the sequence of a level.
      1. Play the ambient bird sounds (the pack of birds)
      2. Pull back on the slingshot
      3. Choose your bird (i chose blue bird)
      4. Choose your block (i chose glass because that’s what the blue bird is best for)
      5. Choose your pig (i chose dude with the mustache)

  15. Dave says:

    I found 18 golden eggs!

  16. Andy says:

    Golden Egg 18 comes when you get 4000000 points on the Big Setup.

    • sgerdes says:

      I have over 4000000 points on the Big Setup, but I didn’t get an 18th egg so that’s not it.

      • mcook says:

        Is this a farce, I spent hours getting to 4m on Big Setup and no golden egg. That is cruel….

        • JRod says:

          There are 18 golden eggs. The 18th egg is in level 12-12 and you have to break the gold cup with one of the birds.

  17. Manoj says:

    Can any one tell me how to get 3 stars in 2-9 and 2-17…

  18. Agent says:

    I got 16 golden eggs, but how do i know which one im missing?
    Got 15 on the first page, and one in the center on the second page. Which one is missing?

  19. Dawn says:

    To get a star on the middle golden egg:
    Tap on group of pigs
    Tap on group of birds
    Tap on catapult
    Tap on any 1 bird
    Tap on any 1 block
    Tap on pig with helmet
    Star will appear :)

  20. bill says:

    How do you get the star for the 14th golden egg (the one bottom right, directly in front of the red bird with the question marks). I have killed every pig with the first bird and yet still don’t get the star. What gives?

    • christine says:

      aim the yellow bird through the third row from the bottom of the pyramid. the pigs will fall on each other, killing most of them. if there are any left, it will be a small pyramid (usually three) left. The egg-dropping bird will kill them.

  21. Gary Littlemore says:

    I’ve only got slots for 12 GE’s and I’ve got all the stars in them. How do I get the extra 5 GEs

    • christine says:

      aim the red bird through the third row from the bottom of the pyramid. the pigs will fall on each other, killing most of them. if there are any left, it will be a small pyramid (usually three) left. The egg-dropping bird will kill them.

  22. Adam says:

    How do you get the star on the 17th Golden Egg?

  23. andyr3ad says:

    ive completed angry birds including 3 stars on every level and 17 golden eggs, but on game centre its saying ive not completed world 11, any ideas ?

  24. Pete says:

    Hi all,

    I realise a lot of people are having the same trouble as I did. Trying to determine which bloody egg you don’t have?! lol, well here’s an updated site that reveals all 17 golden eggs, including a handy legend for you to see which eggs you are missing. ;-)

  25. John says:

    I just found my 18th golden egg! I think there’s more as the second screen has a lot of space in it. I’m replaying all levels to find them all. Laters…

    • Me says:

      Fake!! There’s no 18th egg.

      • John says:

        The 18th golden egg can found by doing the following:
        1. You must have found the first 17 eggs first.
        2. All corresponding levels on the golden eggs must be solved.
        2. Restart Angry birds.
        3. On the title screen, tap the birds, pigs, objects “in the order” they appear within the game.
        4. You’ll know you did it correctly when you hear the bird sounds and golden egg will appear.

        I’m trying to recreate now and will post the video link to youtube.

        Have fun guys.

  26. stef says:

    how did you get the 18th one?

  27. Jello_Chops says:

    hey all,
    Well, I’ve beat every level with 3 stars, including the big setup, acquired every egg, and got all the stars for them, but when I’m on egg 17 (the last one) the level is not showing me pigs to touch to get the star on it!! What do i do? this sucks i just wanna beat the game not be stuck on 99.9%!! ahhhhh

    • Josh says:

      having the same problem, it’s LAME

      • Jello_Chops says:

        Well what the hell should we do?
        I fear a rebellion is approaching….players unite!

        • David says:

          I have the same F##% Problem… I have the HTC Droid I dont know if that has something to do with it… I am going to sue angry birds for psychological stress

          • Annoyed says:

            I have the same problem. On Motorola Droid. Finished everything except this last freakin star on the last egg. All there is, is one pig (no board on which to select all the different types of pigs). If you select the pig enough times, it’ll disappear but that’s all. Very frustrated

          • thatgirl says:

            Does anyone have a solution to the 17th Golden Egg mystery? not seeing the pigs, only the red bird, so you cannot get the star? And also, anyone have info on how to get ver 1.5 for the android? I heard that you get level 12 by uploading the 1.5 version. Is it only available for iphone??!!!! help! this stinks

  28. Martin says:

    Ok. Fakta. There are 17 eggs. WHO ever said they got 18 is a fool. Dont listen to Them. And if u have a problem solving a map look at youtube.

  29. Marina says:

    I myself do not have 18 eggs but my co worker has 19 eggs and I have a screen shot to prove it. However his 17th egg does not have the green row of pigs and the other 2 eggs kick him out….. What can it be?.

  30. Brian says:

    There are 17 eggs, not 18…and not 19.

  31. chris says:

    On the 17th egg I know how to try and get the star but I only have the red bird and a grass background with sunset. There is no three rows of pigs to turn on or push. Just a red bird. Its very frustrating knowing I’m one star from completion but can’t get the opportunity to finish. Any advise?

  32. TC says:

    On 17th egg. Tap red bird and he disappears. tap the area again and he reappears but the row of pigs never comes up. What a letdown to get this far and not be able to finish.

  33. Rach says:

    For the 17th egg all you do is fill up all the rows and move the red bird to the far right :)

  34. Timo says:

    I also have no rows with pigs in golden egg level 17. I have a samsung galaxy s with froyo. I play with version 1.4.2 of the game

  35. Ehab777 says:

    Guys this problem only for some android phones.

    • Lsux67 says:

      I have completed all levels with three stars and have gotten 17 eggs with stars.. running AB v1.4.4 on iPhone.. Need more, whens next update coming out?

  36. Robin says:

    Well i have the same problem. I made the bird wiggle once.. cant make it wiggle again though.. if i recall right at first it was a small red bird, and now its a bif red one.. you guys had the same?

    • Mark says:

      Mine was always a big red bird on egg 17. Like you I made him wiggle, this was by trying to make the sunset by rubbing down onto him. Problem is I can’t repeat it!! Driving me crazy. It must be a glitch with andriod version, there should be something else on the screen. E.g. the soundboard (because I’ve completed 15 eggs, (I haven’t had the soundboard or the big beak one or the big pig yet so assume the golden eggs are different – compared against a colleagues iPhone for confirmation), but it’s not there. HTC Desire.

  37. Darmstro says:

    I got the 17th egg by touching the voided spaces; the pigs appear in each voided space you touch; then you touch the big red bird until he squawks and causes the pigs to make noise in a chorus kind of way; then I moved my red bird all the way to the right and the star appeared. Good luck!

  38. king of hackers says:

    Think think and think, I got the 17 egg solution with the solo red bird with grass, but i am not sharing it, the version works fine, but you need to think a little.!!? good luck

  39. king of hackers says:

    ok, ok here is a tip,

    LoOk@ZhOlEpIc.sUn recognize something!! get it..

  40. mart says:

    i’ve pressed tuttons on Anry radio golden star and it’s stuck and i can’t get it off that screen. Any ideas?????

    • lfed says:

      Stuck in the same place on my iPhone – The radio is playing, the back button and speaker button are small in the corners of the screen, nothing I push or press will get me out of this screen and back to the game. Ideas?

  41. Emma says:

    Are Android or whoever it is that needs to fix it, going to do anything about golden egg 17 not working? It’s driving me insane!!

  42. king of hackers says:

    first step is to have the bird swing left & right by clicking the sun in a certain way !!

  43. Stuart says:

    18th golden egg is when you destroy the chalice in 12-12, have fun!

  44. jasmine says:

    i found a egg in 7, 2 but i cant get it, is it real or a fake egg?… its hidden right next to the last green pig on the far right!

  45. britt says:

    Ok I know how to get the bird rocking. But I’m still not sure if I’m convinced that egg 17 doesn’t have a glitch. So king of hackers I’m not sure if you really have it. Cause if you do you are the only person that I have seen anywhere online that does. Not trying to be rude just being honest.

    • Robin says:

      How exactly do you do it? i made it wiggle once, but then it dissappeared again. Its driving me crazy, how do you do it? Was your red bird also small in the beginnning? its a big one now.


  46. David says:

    ON the golden star radio level turn the radio knob over to the right until the star appears.

  47. Bueno says:

    12-12 destroying the chalice does produce the 18 th egg. To get the star you need to pop the baloons to release the powder kegs which destroy most of the structure and the the bomb finishes off the last of the pigs. Where is the 19 th egg I have heard about?

  48. Grrr says:

    Help on the Angry Radio screen!! The star came up but then it froze with that annoying music. How do you get out???

  49. Moi says:

    What’s ‘Soundboard level’? And radio?? Thanks.

  50. LDW1555 says:

    I have a Droid X with v1.4.2 of Angry Birds. There are only 12 golden eggs to be found. So far I’ve found 11 and have obtained a star by completing each. I see many messages about 14, 16, 17 or 18 GEs. Am I missing something or do I have a version that only contains 12 GEs? Thanks!

  51. mombacho says:

    Just got the star for egg #18 on my ipod touch. Destroy the chalice in level 12-12 and you will get egg #18. Not too bad. Best of luck!

  52. Angry Birds Pro says:

    It is also possible ( and in my opinion easier ) to get the golden star in the rocket level with a yellow bird.

  53. Kimberly says:

    I just found this site as I am not a gamer normally. I have 18 eggs with all stars. Is there really a 19th?

  54. DYNO-MIKE says:

    i have the lg ally droid, completed all levels have all eggs but cant seem to get a star on #17 golden egg.. no matter what i hit i dont seem to get any row of pigs or anything, just the big red bird that dissapears when you tap him.. any ideas?? is it a flaw maybe?? any answers will be helpfull.. thank you guys in advance..

  55. rbnvqz says:

    It’s true! The 18th GE is the chalice in 12-12!

  56. Andy says:

    There really is an 18th in the golden cup in 12-12, I just got it. Just try it if you don’t believe me, it doesn’t take that long to do. I wonder if there is a 19th too?

  57. mayra says:

    My angry birds golden egg 17 has no pigs what do i do? And how do i upgrade to get golden egg 18 and up

    • Angry Angry Bird player says:

      I want my unlock at golden egg 17….
      I ‘m laying on the floor and kicking … it did not help…

      Someone out there MUST upgrade or explain what is wrong…
      ( lonely big red bird is missing rows with pigs……)

      • thatgirl says:

        Hello, did you figure anything out yet with the 17th egg? I too, do not have the row of pigs, or can I figure out how to get the next set of games, that includes the 18th egg, etc. any help?

  58. thatgirl says:

    Is there any new updates regarding the 17th golden egg mystery? Android users cannot get the star on it? I also have no row of pigs to tap, and cannot slide the red bird across to get an egg. Been looking everywhere for an update on how to get Angry Bird version 1.5 on my phone? but cannot!!! very frustrated!!! Is that the only way I can get the new screens for level 12 ??

  59. Shaun says:

    I too have android (HTC Desire HD) and am unable to get the star on golden egg #17. But I can make him rock by: waiting approx 3 seconds after starting level then just tap its tail, I only get this to work about 1 in 10 tries but that is all I press to do it! nothing to do with the sun (to get him to rock that is) if it don’t work first time I exit and try again. I have tried just about everything else whilst he is rocking but to no avail…..maybe some1 else can get further using my method????

    p.s. can any iphone users confirm if the iphone version rocks by doing this as if not I suspect there is no bug and it just hasn’t been solved yet!

    • rose says:

      i have the htc incredible and i was stuck here too…

      i used your method to get him to “rock” and i subsequently rushed to finish lighting up all the rest of the pigs. then i slid the bird left and right and VOILA! STAR!!!

  60. eggmaster says:

    hey guys i found all the eggs there are actual 20 eggs that you can find to get number 20 you have to get 10 million points on big setup i hope this helps you all the eggs guys

    • pigkiller007 says:

      I heard there was a 20th egg. I’ve gotten 19 of them on Android. I’m playing v1.5.1 which i just downloaded this morning. I’ve gotten 3 stars on 12 and 13 and found the 2 golden stars in the levels. Seems like they haven’t released level 14 under Ham ‘Em High. Are you sure that there isn’t a 21st egg if/when levels 12-14 are all completed with 3 stars on each level?

  61. Mike says:

    Im stuck in golden egg 17 the back button doesnt work wtf………

  62. Kush says:

    I got 17 golden eggs, but missing one at the top of left corner, how to get that?? Thanks

  63. Kush says:

    I got 18 GE finally yeah

    Golden Egg #11: On the 8th level set, go to the far right and keep pulling the screen to the left. You’ll eventually see a golden egg poke out. Pull the screen far enough that the egg is completely uncovered and you’ll obtain it.

  64. pigkiller007 says:

    So… My guess is that there are 21 golden eggs. I’ve gotten 19 so far. I hear the 20th is getting 10 Million points on the big setup, and I believe the 21st will be getting 3 stars on all levels in Ham ‘Em High. Droid v1.5.1 hasn’t released the final level on Ham ‘Em High (level14) yet, so I’m not 100% that there will be a golden egg for 3 stars on all levels- but it worked on the other 4 sections, so i’d have to assume it’ll work here too. Let me know if you here about any other golden eggs!
    Good luck!

  65. Cinderellasyndrome says:

    the reason why egg 17 on droids didnt work is because it had a bug. An update will fix that and the lack of all the other golden eggs everyone else keeps talking about. They just came out with an update for the super bowl so try finding it in the market. hope it helps.

  66. bob says:

    there is a gold egg hanging from a rope in the top branch of the tree in hang’em high on level 13-10(I believe it was 13-10, didn’t think to write it down, but when I go back there is just an empty rope hanging from the top branch). dropped the egg to launch white bird into it but there is also a yellow bird available. I just got hang’em high chapter yesterday or the day before (dont know if it makes a difference, but I decided not to move on until I get three stars in each respective level), and I also acquired the trophy egg but knew what I was after because i read about it on this forum in advance. Also my phone is the latest large screen droid from Verizon

  67. ZombieEgg says:

    Their are at least 20 eggs, I know this because I have them and there is still room for more. For all the people who can’t find them and are calling people liars for saying they exist here is a link that might help you.

    • Billy B says:

      Yes you are right I know this as I also have 20 eggs
      The last egg was a golden shaped rugby ball

  68. ToaD says:

    Yes there are at least 20 Golden Eggs. I have them as well. I just can’t get a star on the squeese box one.

  69. AngryJohnny says:

    Hey there’s a #21 golden egg.
    They are talking about it here :

  70. Football and 20, 21 stars says:

    How do you get the football? Dose it have something to do with Level 13-12? Sorry AngryJohnny but I don’t read the language your website is in. HELP!

  71. Football and 20, 21 GEs says:

    Sorry golden eggs not stars

  72. anoynmous says:

    whats the sound level?

  73. Raship says:

    Golden Egg no. 20

    To unlock the golden egg, go to the 5th world (Ham ‘Em High).

    Choose the level 13-12.

    To unlock the level, you should use a white bird, well on target

    the small defect of the slope where you start the birds back.

    In fact the slope has a step backwards.

    To unlock this egg, you will be directed on this little walk with one of the bird’s egg white.

    Go to this website
    and use google translate to read in english

  74. Tabitha says:

    Ok. I have 20 eggs which one is a football. Where is it that you zoom out on beak to get a star?? I’ve seen two posts about sleeping frog and beak. To open beak and open eyes.Any help would be great!! Thx

  75. Elena says:

    Could you help me unfreeze my page with the radio…I found the star but then my page froze and it’s just playing music now… Please help!!!!

  76. Rolo says:

    I have 18 eggs…. I hope this answers your question. Rio will be rollling out shortly.

  77. Bri says:

    This is helpful, but I found a egg and when I went into it and hit pause it said “Golden Egg-19″? How many are there? Also, what’s the soundboard level? I’ve never heard of it b4 until now

  78. Peter says:

    Hi I have 19 eggs, lastima one is a superbowl one

  79. Jennatuls says:

    I have 18 eggs.. Cannot figure out how to get the star for the egg that is in the top middle on the first page of golden eggs… It has three bomb birds in back row and the rest of the birds lined up in size order in front.. What the hell do you do??

  80. R says:

    I have 19 eggs, still not sure it’s the end

  81. Angry mama says:

    @jennatuls… Blue bird, red bird, bomb wit eyes closed, blue bird, then green bird.

  82. Cristian says:

    I have 20 GE including the football
    There is a rumor going around that there is 21 and I’m still searching >.>

  83. michael says:

    i have 19 eggs and stars for all of them – but i have a coming soon on Ham ‘Em High . . . which would level 14 – i too have a lot of free space on the second frame of the golden egg level – so . . . rest assured there are 19 eggs and to get the stars for all just read the posts above on after another . . . it took a me a while . . . but what’s this about a gollden football? . . .

  84. ZombieEgg says:

    God you guys are annoying, go to, birdleader has everything youneed to know

  85. Derek says:

    I have 21 Golden eggs and stars for all of them – just got my 21st with the latest update

  86. Derek says:

    21 Golden Eggs are there to be found, I have them all with Stars too.

    If you want proof or help, contact me on

  87. ZombieEgg says:

    There are 22 eggs now. After completing all levels 3 star in ham em high you get a musical egg. pull the acordian all the way to the right and hold it, then press the buttons.

    • Nan says:

      I pulled the accordian all the way to the right and pushed the buttons randomly but nothing happed except sometimes the accordian explodes.

  88. Michael says:

    Guys, I have 21 eggs but don’t have this rugby ball shaped one? Can anyone tell me how to get it? Really don’t know where to start! Thanks

  89. Eoin3 says:

    I have 22 including the football egg. All levels 3 stars. All total destruction and all awards except 500,000 blocks for some reason.

  90. Derek says:

    Eoin3 – thanks for the tip mate – I too now have the golden egg shaped like a rugby ball.

    Michael here is how to get it.

    1. Open level 13-12 of Ham ‘Em High
    2. Shoot the first Yellow bird anywhere
    3. Now shoot the White bird backwards and drop an egg on the back side of the hill
    4. If you hit the right spot the Golden Egg will pop up!

    hope you get it

  91. mollie says:

    there ar atcully 21 golden eggs

  92. mollie says:

    there are 21 golden eggs in total and 3 footbals

  93. For french people, there is a website with the soluce for the golden eggs, it’s Angry Birds Solution

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  95. Chris says:

    I have all 3 stars on hang them high level but didn’ t get a golden egg, does anybody know why? I also only have 135 points instead of 144….

  96. mia says:

    i’ve already got 16 GE, but how come i can’t get the GE on level 1-8, tap the chest few times already but the GE didn’t appear…can anyone help…

  97. peacock from holland says:

    Beleave it or not, but i have 21 GE and 1 Golden Rugbyball. Finally i made it :-)
    Too bad that i can’t show a screenshot of the 2 pages with the eggs. The only thing for me to do is complete the archievements

  98. Me me says:

    Is there three footballs? Is there a list of where they are and how to get to them?

  99. Emzees says:

    I have 5 Golden Eggs on the second page with the golden eggs… I have 17 Golden eggs so far and have not yet gotten the ones that require you to get three stars on levels. Im not quite sure how I got them all- most were just found during the game when I shot a bird somewhere by accident!

  100. Mauro says:

    I have 22 eggs and the football shaped one = 23 golden eggs . Go for them

  101. Leslie says:

    I have now found 25 eggs

  102. Lee says:

    I have 26 golden eggs – well actually 25 and 1 golden rugby ball.

  103. Ali says:

    Hi! Do you know how do I get the solution of the golden egg where you have to play the squeeze box?

  104. Chloe says:

    On the angry birds app, when you have to like a Facebook page to unlock 3 other games… My angry birds has left me stuck on Facebook and I can’t get off it’s very frustrating and I want to throw my iPhone against a concrete surface… PLEASEEEE help?

  105. Russell says:

    LOL this is great. Ill keep checking back for more awesome updates.

  106. Diet Plan says:

    Hi there, your web site isn’t really functioning for me for whatever reason…I’m just using IE six and getting almost nothing on this site… Diet Plan

  107. Rusty says:

    I have 27 26 eggs and 1 football.

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  110. Albert says:

    I can’t seem to access the Facebook levels!! I have completed everything.. Three stars all levels, 26 golden egg stars. Just one more golden egg I need the Facebook levels.

    I clicked on the icon, it loads and then nothing. Using iPhone 4 iOS5

  111. Albert says:

    Please help!!! I am about to throw this phone to the wall!!

  112. Shalon says:

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