• Air = Starting element
  • Ash = Fire + House
  • Earth = Starting element
  • Energy = Air + Fire
  • Fire = Starting element
  • Lava = Earth + Fire
  • Metal = Stone + Fire
  • Steam = Water + Fire
  • Stone = Water + Lava
  • Water = Starting element

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Go to Profile → Enter Code

  • Type “minifun” to unlock Minigun
  • “sparky” to unlock Tesla gun
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General Tips

An advice at the beginning: When you use the walkthrough, make sure to read every paper that you find, look at all pages of books and when you have to examine pictures or objects with the magnifier, you should do so. Also go always through the whole conversations. Otherwise, it can happen, that at a certain point, you will have to go back and do this things, because without the “knowledge” of this, the game will not go one. If you run into something like this, then have a look at your objectives (option in the inventory) and see, what objectives are not marked as done! Make sure, you follow the conversations – that will help you on your way.

  • Tap on the bust to read the dates.
  • Turn around and enter the room.
  • You find Irina dead on the floor.
  • Grab the syringe.
  • Look at the desk and grab the box of thumbtacks.
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Original post by Oscar Hjelm.
I’m using DESK, WALL, SHELF, BALCONY and DOORS to describe where I am.

Tap the painting on the desk. Pick up the key.

Tap the flower pot. Tap it a few times. You peel of the cover. The X’s represent what bricks to tap later in the game in order to open a wall.

Pick up the candle at the desk.

Turn to double-doors, select candle, place it underneith the mirror. Press the mirror – fog is created and it will reveal NEWS or such (don’t know if it’s random). It will be used later to open a compass.

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Here’s how to beat the level you stuck on.

Level 24

Draw a tiny little square (not rectangle) as shown on this picture:

Rafter Level 24

Level 34

Again. Tiny little square right there:

If it doesn’t seem to work, try to use vertical rectangles like the one on the picture.

More levels to come!

P.S. Let us know what level you stuck on. We’ll post a solution for that.

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  1. You really just touch the red light.
  2. Tap the enemy until his health runs out.
  3. Tap all 5 of the ninja stars.
  4. Tap the blue rectangle labeled “N”
  5. The top right cloud is largest.
  6. Don’t touch anything, then the level will change.
  7. Tap the balloons from right to left.
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Here is the walkthrough of all levels in the game by Donut Games Cat Physics.

Just copy the placement of the arrows in the pictures!

Jump to Level 51, Level 71 or Level 79

The following text is just rubbish for the stupid plugin that screws up everything when we start with images too soon…………..

Cat Physics Level 1 walkthrough

Level 1

Cat Physics Level 2 walkthrough

Level 2

Cat Physics Level 3 walkthrough

Level 3

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  1. Tap on the cat and its eyes will move left and right …and up!!
    Keep tapping its eyes until it moves up and this completes the sequence of Lefts and Rights. Take a note of it.
  2. Now in the NORTH wall with the grandfather clock, tap on the pendulum!! Voila~ this brings up another view with the pendulum actually swinging left and right as you tilt the iPhone left and right. You can swing it LIGHTLY or HEAVILY (you will hear a different sound).
  3. Use the cat eyes sequence from step 1 and swing it HEAVILY to enter each Lefts and Rights in the sequence.
    Here’s the tricky part: you have to do it in the opposites.
    ie. cat eye Left becomes a RIGHT swing of pendulum. and vice versa.

    I believe the reason is because the cat saw the castle owner did this to the pendulum, but the cat is looking from the opposite wall. Hence, cat’s eyes moving to the Left in the player’s point of view is actually pendulum’s Right point of view looking at North wall.

    After entering the pendulum’s swing sequence correctly (remember opposite to cat’s eyes sequence), you will hear a clock sound. Now, remember the cat looked UP as its final sequence? Go to the clock view with the Bird, and it will give you a key.

  4. This key unlocks the ‘fake door’ in the WEST wall. but the door has 2 locks!!!!
  5. Opens the compass from the right cabinet in NORTH wall (read the original walkthrough for how to open compass) to obtain the other key for the ‘fake door’.
  6. Now, with the fake door opened, you thought you’d have escape?? Not so easy. There is another door!!, Now tap on the top right side of that door to bring you to a close up view.There will be some english words such as ‘Sheesh…’
    Use the Candle and put it there to light up the rest of the words in shadow.
  7. Here’s the hard part: Rotate your iPhone to look at the words UPSIDE DOWN. and they become numbers.
    Gotta get creative here: ‘I’ is 1, ‘Z’ is 2, ‘E’ is 3, ‘h’ is 4, ‘S’ is 5

    The message is different each time you start up a new game (just like the cat eyes sequence). Take note of this code and the patterns on this metal door! You can’t always come back for the numbers. Some puzzles trigger the candle to burn off. Gotta do it before that happens.

  8. Now if you head up to the Music Box in the SOUTH wall, you will see the music box having the same pattern as the metal door. This is the hint to playing the tunes on the music box.On the music box:
    leftmost bar is 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 and rightmost is 5.
    Play the tune (the sequence of numbers upside down you found earlier) and tap music box.
    Then you will hear a sliding door sound.
  9. For the middle lower drawer in the SOUTH wall, you have to keep on tapping it a few times to get it open. You will see a metal plate with sockets if you have played the new tunes to the music box. It is similar to the wooden box behind the painting on the wall. You will need to insert the coins and yellow/white gems into it. Please see to my last post if you need help with finding the coins and gems as well as the pattern to insert the coins.

  10. Congrats. Escape through the tunnel and meet a secret character!

Original blog post by Mike Diddo

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earth + fire = lava
air + earth = dust
air + fire = energy
energy + air = storm
fire + dust = ash
lava + air = stone
fire + stone = metal
water + stone = sand
energy + metal = electricity
water + air = steam
metal + steam = boiler
fire + sand = glass
water + earth = swamp
fire + water = alcohol
swamp + sand = clay
swamp + energy = life
alcohol + water = vodka

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Loot 3 rusty fragments. They should randomly appear in looted objects after each invasion. The more you invade, the higher chances to find the fragments.

Use these fragments to get a key.

Now you can store your zombies in the mausoleum, for example to keep your garden zombie from invasions.

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